Sunday, March 16, 2008

Not Quite 20

So a weird thing happened. I got myself ready to go run my 20, procrastinating a little, whining a little. I drove up to school where I was going to do a 20 mile route I've ridden before. There are 2 ways I can go to school...the scenic way or the less scenic way. I decided scenic, probably just because it's a little bit longer. Well, I'm almost there and I see Kathy out running! I turned around, debated whether I should stop her and see how far she'd gone already or just go do my 20 alone...and of course I turned around. She'd only done 2.5, so we ended up running 3 hours together. It wasn't quite 20 for me...17 near as I can figure, but I had some...stomach issues, to put it delicately...and I didn't feel up to doing more. Here's what sucks...the rest of me felt great. My ankle, in its new bioskin brace, felt brand new. My legs were strong, not tired. We were going at a slowish but very steady pace. I felt like I could go forever, if only...So in the end, it's not my RA that got me, but rather those nutrition and fueling things that get every runner at some point.

I have to go run 5 today, to round out my week (which will fall 4 miles short of the goal anyway), and maybe running the day after a long run (which I normally don't do) will be close enough to having done the full 20 all at once. (Listen to me justify...I feel guilty.)

Anyway, I have 2 more 20s I can do for the mental prep (including a 30k race, which will be the best test). But I think physically I will be ready. I will just be popping a little extra prednisone (umm, and maybe some Immodium) for ankle insurance.

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