Friday, January 27, 2012

A new old blog to read

Found an old blog, one I bookmarked in 2008 while pregnant. I remembered it had something to do with infertility, so tonight while putting Andra to bed (it's easier if I stay upstairs with her, albeit in my own room) I looked at it again. Reading posts back from 2003; she was also DOR, and at least consulted at Cornell. She has two kids now, though I don't know if they used her own eggs or not. She's funny. At least as funny as one can be in this situation. I guess I'm mentally gearing up for round 2. I am supposed to call Cornell back when I get my period this month, but the month is ending and my BBT says I haven't ovulated yet on CD 26. Sigh. Nothing is easy.

Oh, and the RA is flaring today, in my jaw of all places. Hasn't done that since I was 18 (6 years before being diagnosed, though I recognize that as my first real symptom). And weirdly it's just the left side. Well, beats the neck or ankle.

I ran twice this week, 1.5 miles at about a 9:30 pace, a quick walk break, and another 1 at 9:15. Then just one mile before TRX last night, at 8:45. I keep reminding myself that I am not training for anything, so I don't need to go long or go fast, I just need to go.

Of course, I did tonight sign up for the Stamford Olympic triathlon July 1. So at some point, I will need to train.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feeling "normal"

Have had some good 4 mi runs lately on the treadmill. Had a streak of 6-7 workout days in a row which hasn't happened in a while. Generally felt great this past week, almost what normal used to feel like. In the middle of a really busy week now, but trying to squeeze workouts in at school at lunch or whenever I can. Making it less of an option and more of a commitment. Planning to sign up for the local olympic triathlon July 1. I could be pregnant, but I could not. Not going to put another year on hold like I did last year. And at the moment, I see no reason why I can't do the full tirathlon, not just the aqua-bike I did in 2010. Nice.

Monday, January 09, 2012

No 10k Sunday but that was a good thing probably. My GI issues have been back since before Christmas so it is really hard to plan workouts. I getting a little better at squeezing them in when I can though. I got my bike tuned up this weekend and put it on the trainer in the basement Sunday. Rode easy for 40 minutes and enjoyed it. Last year mostly had it in the dining room but I am determined to get a nice table and chairs this year plus in the basement I can tell Andra I going to the gym, go out the front door and back into the basement from the backyard so I can work out in peace. Anyway it was a good workout and then I ran a bit today and Friday and did TRX Saturday so it has been a good run.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

iPhone love

First post from my new iPhone. I love it. Seriously don't know why I waited so long?

I am thinking of running a 10k on Sunday. I am not in shape and won't run well or fast but I need fewer excuses and just more doing. I am not who I was but if I eer want to get back there even part way then I need to do something differently. Why not just do this without worrying about anything other than I want to want to do it. And lucky for me this one doesn't start til 10am! I wish it was a 5k as I haven't run longer than 4 mi in months but it isn't, there isn't a 5k nearby this month at all,and maybe doing the 10 will make me feel like I accomplished more.

I have quit reading some blogs I used to. Or rather I keep reading but quit commenting (but If you still comment here I am not referring to you!). I am sick of reading about people who haven't changed or faced any real hardships in the last few years. Don't get me wrong I would love to be on e of them but I am not. I want to read more about people getting through shitty times, probably to make myself feel better. Latest is I have this bunion that popped up on my left foot a fewonths ago and might be RA related but then again might not be (my mom has awful feet and the RA is from my dad's side nor hers). Hurts but then again nothing like the RA hurt.

Andra loves Watching Maisy videos on YouTube. Really glad she likes this and not some Disney princess shit.