Thursday, September 29, 2011

IVF consult #2

Today was our appointment with Cornell. It was full of good surprises.

1. There was NO traffic getting into the city. None. Zero. That never happens...but at 9:00 on a Thursday? Unheard of.

2. We walked in 10 minutes before out appointment time (after getting bagels and coffee because instead of being late, we were early. See above.) and see on the reception desk a sign that says, "As of 9/15/11, CRM now participates with CIGNA." CIGNA is my insurance. That we thought CRM did NOT take. And now they do. So the $15,000 we would have to front if we go with them, we now wouldn't.

3. 9 minutes before out appointment time (that is, 1 minute after we arrive) they call us back. Right into the consult room, complete with waiting doctor. Early. Seriously? We hadn't even filled out our paperwork.

4. I really liked Dr. Davis. I had been expecting someone a little different, as my friend Jessica (who also really liked him) sort of indicated that maybe his mannerisms were a bit abrupt or something. And I can see that, but really he was friendly and...SMART. Now that's important. This man knew my chart inside and out, he was rapid-firing questions at me and I was mostly keeping up, and I just felt like he knew exactly what was going on. Not that most doctors wouldn't, but this was different. He was just smart. And frankly, not all doctors are. Maybe, I felt like he was smarter than I am. And I am not used to that. (Good thing almost no one reads my blog anymore because I know how that sounds, but it's true...whatever.)

So, we plan to proceed with Cornell. I am doing an IVF prep class on the 10th (no school on Columbus Day). It looks like the big stuff will happen in November, with the major stuff right around Thanksgiving.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nothing new

I know I've posted about this before, but every time I have this realization it seems important.

I've had some really good workouts and runs the last few weeks. I have been able to sleep on my stomach again, something I haven't really been able to do because my neck wouldn't turn that much to the side. Except for this past week when I had a cold, I've just felt good. And when that happens, I can look back and give myself a break and not think I was jut being a wimp when things weren't so good. I can be kind of amazed that I was able to do as much as I did when I felt like crap. I can accept that I really did feel like crap, and I wasn't just being lazy.

That said, feeling like crap for a while does take a toll. I am slower, fatter, and out of a good routine. But, I am working toward becoming faster, leaner, and more structured, in working out and in eating.

I was planning to do a 5k this morning, but I bailed when it was already 70 degrees and super humid at 7am (race was at 10). I had wanted cool weather to see if I could be faster...I figured this would be a crappy race, and given that even a good race would result in a crappy time, I didn't see the need to pay $25 to prove that. October 30 is the next possible attempt. Today, I will head to the gym and do a treadmill run...probably 2.5 at a 9:3oish pace. And then do some squats and deadlifts.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Treadmill run today. Half mile warm up, then I talked myself out of a 9:00 mile to do an 8:30 half mile instead. Except I ran a whole mile. So, after a short walk break I did an 8:00 half mile, walk break, 7:30 quarter mile, walk, 7:00 quarter mile. It felt like a real workout. Running fast again felt great. Sure, I felt like a cripple after, but I felt great WHILE I was running! Possible 5k Sunday...if the weather is ok. Not interested in running in the rain.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


My husband is starting Crossfit. I am getting inspired to start lifting heavy again. Not too much, I still want to RUN now that I can again, and I don't have tons of time. But, today I did kettlebell swings, deadlifts and squats using a lot more weight than usual. Plus I ran 2 miles, one at 9:40 and the second (no break) at 9:30. Despite having a cold and feeling really run down. So, I feel like I am making progress back toward where I want to be. Though it's a slow process and I have a long way to go.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I found easy!

Just did 4.5 miles, an old loop. 45 minutes (just under). It was easy! I think the 70 degrees vs. the 83 when I did 5, plus a less hilly course, really helped. I never once felt like I had to walk. I am SOOO looking forward to fall running now!

Friday, September 09, 2011

5 miles

5 miles still sounds like it should be easy. I did a loop from school today I used to do. Two very steep and long hills I knew I would walk. A very long stretch of downhill I thought would be easy. Truthfully it took the amount of time I'd thought it would, an it wasn't worse than I thought. But maybe it was the heat (83'F), or the steepness of the ups and downs, or whatever...but it was HARD. Still, it's done. Goal is to keep doing it until it becomes easy. Or at least not unpleasant.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Treadmill 5k

Sleepy after school but needed to work out. Actually, in the car I was thinking that I didn't NEED it like I used to NEED it, but I wanted to need it, so I went. Treadmill, figured I'd do 10 minute miles and just see. I slowed a little after 1 mile to regroup, but felt strong still, and at 2.25 miles and another 1 minute slow down, I ramped it up and did the 3.1 in 30:50. Slower than my disappointing 5k, I know, but this was on a treadmill and actually felt strong, so I am happy.

I know not every run can be a good run. I remember marathon training in 2008 and I wasn't feeling it and told myself I'd stop after 2 miles if I didn't get into it. I didn't, and I called it a day and the next day was back to normal. But, when you only run twice a week, if a run sucks, it's much more noticeable. The solution is to run more than twice a week. I think I am healthy and healed enough to do three now. Hopefully I'll find the time and motivation.

Monday, September 05, 2011

First day of school and the incessant SINGING...

In the last month or two, Andra has become a NONSTOP singer. If I hear one more Twinkle Twinkle or Happy Birthday I may just shoot myself. It's cute, yeah, up to a point. And I am super amazed at how her little brain picked up language SO MUCH in the last four months or so. But I am also really glad she's at preschool now o she can burn off more energy!

She started last Tuesday at Catholic preschool. Her teachers are Sister Daria and Sister Lena. There are 20 kids in her class. She loves it...there have been no tears, and she has resisted leaving when I've come to pick her up (they are usually on the playground around 3:30 or 4:00). My own school starts tomorrow, after being delayed a week due to Hurricane Irene and the subsequent power outages.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Venus Williams

I feel really badly for Venus Williams, who just dropped out of the US Open and was recently diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome, an autoimmune disease. At the same time, it is validating that I am not a wimp when I can't do things because of the RA. Autoimmune diseases ARE serious. They really take a lot out of you when they act up. Luckily for me, most of the time mine is under control. Hope she gets to that point quickly and gets back in the game.