Wednesday, September 21, 2011


My husband is starting Crossfit. I am getting inspired to start lifting heavy again. Not too much, I still want to RUN now that I can again, and I don't have tons of time. But, today I did kettlebell swings, deadlifts and squats using a lot more weight than usual. Plus I ran 2 miles, one at 9:40 and the second (no break) at 9:30. Despite having a cold and feeling really run down. So, I feel like I am making progress back toward where I want to be. Though it's a slow process and I have a long way to go.


RunningMama said...

My hubby is OBSESSED with Crossfit (not that he goes too often) and I have a girlfriend that looks AH-MAZING after doing it. I hope to be able to do it in the spring, but we'll see. Little by little, you'll make your way back to where you want to be.

fancy nancy said...

I have heard so much about crossfit and have a free class. I should really try it out. It looks so awesome! You'll get back!