Saturday, September 22, 2012

Long time...all is well

OK, I've gone nearly 2 months with nothing to say.  Bad me, as I like looking back at this blog.  But I guess honestly, there's just been not much to say.  Baby is doing well, I am not working out much (some walks, some water running, some TRX at least until they changed the schedule and took out any classes for working people...yeah, they got a piece of my mind on that one...), school started, blah blah blah.

I did go lift today.  Warmed up (walked .1, ran .1 for a mile), then started with kettlebell squats (not sure exactly what the move is called).  OUCH.  My inner thighs were not happy.  I need to get back into lifting so that I am actually able to push this baby out!!

My ankle has been fine despite no NSAIDs anymore.  My neck, on the other hand, is a mess.  Sleeping at night is no longer interrupted by peeing, but rather by turning over in my sleep and waking up in severe pain.  It's not like the flares I've had, but the right side of my cervical spine is a mess.  Starting physical therapy Monday to see what it can do...can't hurt.  The pain isn't debilitating or anything, but it's annoying.  I can't turn my head much, so backing up while driving is tough.  Sudden turns of the head when I forget really smart.  And the whole sleep thing.

Maybe I'll check in again before I give birth.  Oh, and I'm too lazy to take a belly picture (sorry, kid) but it looks approximately 8 months pregnant compared to me last time and approximately 5 months pregnant compared to a normal person.  I'm 6.5, for the record (28 weeks).