Friday, February 22, 2013

Back to work

Head back to work Monday.  Good thing too...I need routine.  All the time in the world while on leave (well, not really, babies ARE work, even ones like Nora) and I couldn't find time to work out consistently.  I ran a bit, lifted a bit, took a week off here and there.  I'm not in worse shape, but I'm no better.  I could run a 5k no problem, but it would be slow.  I signed up for a 5k (Run for Sandy Hook in Hartford, it will be mobbed and that's my excuse for whatever my time will be) in March.  In a month, in fact.  My plan is to work out right after school twice a week and, if the snow ever melts, to run once on the weekend.  That's not  much, but it would be enough.  I do still have a gym membership, but I don't use it much and don't plan to renew in June.  I plan instead to go to CrossFit for the summer.  Yeah, we'll see...all that free time might get in my way again...but that's the plan.  With nursing, I won't drop weight.  I am fine, but soft.  Muffin top.  Bigger boobs.  Just have to go with the flow til I have more control.  Nora is still an amazing baby.  Chill, go with the flow, nothing bothers her for long.  Love.