Monday, September 29, 2008


Went to the doctor today, he did an ultrasound to check things out, all looks good. I, of course, couldn't make out a thing - it was much more fun when she was small and fit on the screen! Still, it was cool to see and feel her move at the same time. Her face is right below my belly button, her butt wedged into my pelvis. The doctor said I'm carrying super low (though the placenta is super high), and it looked as though I should be feeling a lot of pressure, but I'm not really. I do think this explains the increasing need to pee, and weird bladder twinges I get sometimes (today multiple times as I was was weird). I imagine her bouncing up and down on her butt, using my bladder as a trampoline. Nice, kid, real nice. At any rate, I think I'm on a 2-week schedule with him now, which seems unnecessary yet but will make the time go faster!

Our entire upstairs is being painted this we're living downstairs. It won't be fun sleeping on a double futon given the strange positions I find myself most comfortable in now...I told Fred one of us may be moving to the couch. I picked out a pale, soft orange for the kid's room. I didn't want pink, or blue, or green...I was thinking yellow, but I wanted bolder (I'm usually one to play it safe and just wanted DIFFERENT this time). So orange just kind of popped into my mind and stayed. I put 2 shades on the wall and really like one...we'll see if that holds in large doses.

Went to spin tonight. I need a new battery for my heartrate monitor (which I only wear to make sure I'm working hard enough during spin!). I felt like I had to have the handlebars up near my chin to be comfy (it wasn't really that bad, but a far cry from my normal settings on the bike). Still, a decent workout, I think. I'm just a bad judge of spin, I think I'm working hard but my heartrate often says otherwise. Whereas running is the total opposite, feels like a breeze (ok, not NOW, but you know what I mean) but the heart is pumping away! Tomorrow (day school!) I want to run a little before core class. I need to get back up to running 3-4 days a week, even if it's just a couple miles.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Goal!

Ok, so after the last post I went online and found the perfect next race! It's a 4 miler, in 3 weeks. Looks like a big race (i.e. more slow people). Clara and I got out and ran this morning, just 3 miles or so, but enough to remind me that running still feels pretty good and I can't give it up out of just plain laziness. It's really good to have people to run with, especially now. We have our little "team" now, and we'll keep up our Sunday runs together at least a little longer. Here's us after last weekend's race:Here are some 28 week belly pictures too...right before going to the gym. I decided not to go all baggy but to start to embrace the bump! With only 12 weeks (or hopefully 11) to go, I'm starting not to mind it. Almost entirely because when people ask how far along I am and I answer 6 1/2 months, I get pretty positive feedback! So for a pregnant lady I feel I look's all about comparing apples to apples!

Friday, September 26, 2008

No goal

Well, I haven't run since Sunday. I knew not having a looming goal would do that to me. Either I need to find a 5k in a month or so (one where I won't be dead, a big 5k), or figure out some other way to motivate. There's no good reason I haven't run...the 10k was good, I felt good, I still feel good...I just don't have a goal. I did go to the pool and run in the water yesterday. In fact I've worked out to some extent every day this week, but I feel like the intensity is waning. For instance, I haven't lifted at all in over a week. Today is supposed to be 2 miles on the treadmill and arms...I'll get to the gym soon.

I'm posting this link to a cool pregnant-running story one of my also pregnant blog readers is in...for the few of you who read this who don't also follow her blog, it's fun and inspiring!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Fun PW...(not even a PPR)

The 10k was this afternoon. I knew it would be a personal worst, because I did a 10k in May around 14 weeks that I wouldn't beat today. Beautiful weather (a little hot actually). The kid was doing warm-ups all morning, really stretching out her legs. Fred, Luz, Clara and I were all there, but Jen was stuck on 95 with her boyfriend coming back from New Hampshire...not sure she'd make it before the start, because they were closing the road to the beach. But I picked up her number and got the pins in it, and left it on our windshield just in case! About 200 runners I think, I started where I belonged at the back with others whose only goal was to finish! I ran the first (of 4) hills because it was right at the start, too early to walk. Then the course went to the end of a road where there was a turn-around, and as I was heading back up the road, there was Jen! She caught me before the first mile (9:40) and told me the whole story...they got to the closed road, she asked a cop if the race had started, he said no and that he'd give her a ride in his cop car to the start! He even used his siren to move some people out of the way for her! The race started before she got out of the car, but she found her number and, obviously, managed to catch me. Actually she managed to catch a LOT of people, even Fred, (since I couldn't beat him, someone had to...she took her mission seriously!) and finished around 57:00, despite starting a few minutes behind everyone! My second mile was around 9:50, and the rest were right around 10:10 probably, plus I walked less than a minute on the other 3 hills. Most of the time I was running with the closest people 20 feet ahead or behind me, so no crowds to deal with! I passed one lady (who looked pretty fit, I don't know why she was slow) who then passed me when I walked a hill. She said something encouraging about keep running, and I had to say, "I'm 6 months pregnant, I'm allowed to walk the hills!" I did end up beating her (not that I'm being competitive or anything!). Then an older cop on the course nicely said, "You can go faster than that!" And I replied, "I'm 6 months pregnant, this is as fast as it gets!" His response: "Oh, then you shouldn't be out here at all!" It was funny. But annoying because I still don't look pregnant, let alone 6 months, and I want people to know that I'm slow for a reason! Pride. I debated what to wear, but ended up with a baggy shirt and a number pinned over the bump. A tighter shirt, which I considered, really just looked like a bulge of fat, especially with the support band. Oh well...I'm not complaining! I managed to not have to pee (hitting the port-a-potty 3 times pre-race helped) and not feel too dehydrated (there were 3 water stops, which was nice) at the end. Jen did pass Fred to win (well, not the race, but our group of 5), Fred was close behind around 57:45, Luz around 58:30, me around 1:02:30, and Clara around 1:05. Results not up yet. Overall fun, but I think that might have been my last race. I'll still run for fun, shorter distances, but...I don't know if I'm into races right now. And that's ok.

Oh, and the kid? She seemed to nap during the race, but a half hour later she was back at it...and hasn't stopped ALL DAY. I think she's going to be that baby that you have to put on the washing machine to get to sleep, she's so used to motion. At least we're planning to use cloth diapers...the waching machine will have plenty to do.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Shoes or relaxin?

I'm just finishing a day where I taught all but 1 period. My knees hurt. Almost feel like I hyperextended them, but as I only walked on Wednesday and did nothing yesterday, that seems impossible. Possible causes: Being on my feet all day in shoes with little arch support that I don't normally wear; or the pregnancy thing. Being RA related seems unlikely, there's no swelling or heat.

I'm at least going to the gym to do some upper body weights today. Hopefully it's the shoes. If not, I guess I just learn to run (or run/walk) with this like I am learning to run with a belly. And hopefully it doesn't progress.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I will never be that kind of parent...

Tonight was open house at school, where all the parents come to meet the teachers. Most parents in my (rich, white, snooty) district are fabulous and nice. A few aren't. One didn't let me down...when at the very end of my presentation for one class I mentioned that I would be on maternity leave in January and February, she had a snide remark. I wasn't caught off guard, but I did start to reply something about the timing not being great, but then followed with "Actually, it IS great for me, it's my first kid." But her aside, everyone who introduced themselves at the end was super nice and many said I looked great or they couldn't even tell I was pregnant. Again, not something I can control, but nice nonetheless! I'd rather be comfortable as long as possible.

Today was a day off from working out. I spent 2 hours at the hospital lab getting a glucose test and Rhogam shot since my blood type is O-. I haven't lifted at all this week. The core class Tuesday was actually ok, but more cardio than core. I think I'll lift tomorrow, do upper body. Then boot camp Saturday and the 10k Sunday!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spin, take 2

Last night I went to the spin class I bailed on last week and was rewarded by it only being 45 minutes instead of the usual hour. I hate hour spin classes...mental, but I do. Tonight is the core class, but it's going to be easy because Bea (the teacher and my former trainer, who whipped my ass into shape 2 1/2 years ago...I'd like to see a showdown between her and Jillian of the Biggest Loser) just texted me that she hurt her Achilles on a run and someone else was subbing. I asked if the sub was good. Her reply? "You should go...she tries..." I like not only being able to keep up with my usual classes while pregnant (so far), but more importantly with HER classes. People have a love/hate relationship with her style. Fit people love it. People who only think they are hate it, because she makes them realize they're not. And I can only imagine the next day or two after when they try to get out of bed. The first class I took with her, the next day I felt almost as bad as when I ran my first marathon...can't sit down because your quads give out on you bad.

Maybe I should go early and get in a short run first.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


It was just a training run with the girls, but we did the entire course for next week's race. Today was hot and time was just over a 10 minute pace, and so if next Sunday's forecast of sunny, dry, and 74 holds, I think I can go under 1:02. Of course I'd really like to go under an hour, but I don't want to push much beyond comfortable. I'm pretty thrilled that I can still go out and run for an hour as I enter the 3rd trimester (26 weeks today, so I guess by next weekend it'll be official). Today I did walk the 4 short steep hills, as I plan to in the race, but each is only about a minute long, so I'm glad I felt as good running as long as I did. I wore the belt, and like last time, the first mile or two were a little uncomfortable but after that I had no ligament pain and felt good. Plus I didn't have to pee! Good thing as my usual stop is the beach which is actually the official race start, where we started from today-usually we start from a different place on the course and hit the bathrooms around 1.5 miles in. I think I just sweated out the extra fluids...did I mention HOT AND HUMID?

Yesterday I visited my friend in the hospital who just had her baby. She was 11 days overdue, and Caroline had to push for 2 hours before the baby twisted and got stuck and had to come out via emergency c-section. How much does that stink...having to go through labor AND a c-section...totally not fair! Anyway, Clara is beautiful, has a full head of light brown hair, complete with blond highlights! Pretty amazing, we joked she'd spent the extra 11 days getting her hair done for the big day. It was fun to hold such a brand new baby. She was all swaddled up, and when she wriggled all the squirming and somersaulting I've been feeling kind of made sense!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Maternity shirts

I stopped by the mall after school today to see if I could find a few more cheap maternity t-shirts to get me through the next 3 months. I used to like more form-fitted, the looser the better. I'm not into showing off the bump, something about it just seems weird to me. I don't want anything clingy, tight, bright, striped, get the idea.

After a couple quiet weeks, the kid is back squirming in full force, kicking the computer as I write. I have the beginnings of a true basketball under my shirt. While I can still wear a few looser pre-preg pants with the bella band (oh, and an aside here...I did break down and wear a pair of maternity jeans to school one day this week, because I actually think I like them...they're fairly tight but stretchy everywhere but the tummy, so my ass doesn't look baggy and frumpy), none of my t-shirts works (hence the mall trip). With a properly worn cardigan or unbuttoned shirt over a t-shirt, I can still manage to not look really pregnant. Why is this such a goal? I don't know...and it's not a goal per se, it's just that all things being equal, I'd rather not draw attention to my belly. Then people start to say stupid stuff and I have to smile and try not to be rude (too often not something I'm terribly successful at).

My friend Caroline had her baby girl Thursday, 11 days after her 8/30 due date. Very exciting...we are going to see them Saturday. She insists she wants visitors while still in the hopsital...I'm pretty sure I will want people to stay away!

I should probably go run today. It's raining. I think I'll take the day off. One day off a week is OK, and I rarely even do that. Plus I just ate way too many chocolate covered pretzels (OK, dipped in peanut butter) and I can't run after that. Yesterday I was lifting (legs) and I know at the gym I'm starting to look more pregnant (lack of clothing options), but I kind of don't care there. It's different, maybe because there I want to stand out a little, to be noticed for not sitting on my ass and getting fat while pregnant. (Yeah, I realize the chocolate covered pretzels dipped in peanut butter don't help my case here...but I'm only up 11-12 pounds at 26 weeks, and I'm starting to think I have this in the bag...14 more weeks, 14 more pounds max, right? And 25 pounds is pretty ideal, though I wouldn't mind 20.) And the gym makes me feel GOOD. Aside from my gut/basketball, everything else has really stayed the same...legs, arms, butt, face, boobs (I guess they will change still, but I can hope!)...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First run with support belt

I tried out the Gabrialla band today on my run. At first, it didn't help. Even walking the first half mile or so to warm up, I had ligament pain no matter how I adjusted it...high, low, middle. So I sucked it up and started running, and got a side stitch pretty quickly (I haven't had one of those in a LONG time, and never while running so slowly). I walked for another minute or two (during which I was passed by a male runner, and I was a little disheartened to realize I didn't even care), then just sucked it up and ran. A few minutes in I felt fine, no more ligament pain, and actually had a good, if slow, 4.5 miles. (Didn't help that my legs are cooked from a core class last night, apparently I've been neglecting training my hamstrings.) So not sure if the band helped, but it didn't hurt, and as much as things are probably going to change in the next few weeks, I bet I will end up liking it.

Monday, September 08, 2008


OK, never thought this would happen. There's a spin class in half an hour. The pool is also open for lap swimming (unusual for this time of day). I actually want to go to the pool. Why? Well, the spin class is an hour instead of what I think is the normal 45 minutes. I don't want to work hard for an hour. I don't actually want to swim either...I want to water jog. I did not expect this. I figured I'd have to give something up because it hurt or felt weird. But I just don't WANT to spin. I'm trying to analyze, has this happened before but I usually just don't give in? Or is this new?

I also gave in and wore a maternity shirt today, just a long sleeved t-shirt. Regular pants, with the bella band. I actually felt cute, maybe the thing about maternity clothes now is that the choice between looking pregnant and looking fat (and stuffed into too-small clothes) is a real one, and, well, pregnant is a better option. 25 weeks, 1 day.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Is she or isn't she??

Maybe it's having to get up 2 hours earlier than "summer normal," but I've been wiped out the past 2 days. Didn't work out yesterday. Today I peeled myself off the couch after a 2 hour nap to walk for 50 minutes. It didn't wake me up...still tired.

Yesterday I told my classes of 9th graders that I'll be out in January and February because I'm going to have a baby in December. The kids from last year know, and I didn't want any whispering or rumors (a few years ago another science teacher told her kids she was pregnant, and one girl said, "Oh good, we thought you were just getting fat." Nice, huh?) It was funny...what I was wearing did not make me look pregnant, and watching them turn their heads to see my belly better was hilarious. One girl actually said, "But wait, that's in, like, 4 months. You don't look pregnant..." Well, actually 3, but, yeah...Then later one of the secretaries, whom I told back in June that I was pregnant (but she seemed to have forgotten) commented on how "fit and toned" I looked (yeah, I liked that). I patted my belly and said yeah, I'm just starting to show. She HAD totally forgotten that I was pregnant! That was cool.

Not that I always look so un-pregnant...but I do find myself dressing to hide it. Once I can't, fine...I'll wear the maternity clothes and maybe even like it. But at 25 weeks I STILL feel like I'm in the in-between stages and just look fat. I think slowly my uterus is moving up above my belly button, which will help me look more pregnant. When it's all low, it just looks like a gut. For whatever reason, I want to wait another 2 weeks to break out the official maternity clothes, just to not have to wear them til the third trimester. Whatever.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Running was SO FUN TODAY!!!

This morning Fred and I met my 2 friends for a 5.5 mile run. They showed up with a 3rd friend (who usually doesn't like to run as early as we do). I think this was the best run I've had in months. And it has nothing to do with pregnancy. 2 of the girls are a little slower and ran behind, but Fred, Luz and I were basically the exact same pace, and we ran a comfortably hard sub-10 pace (even though I walked 3 of the short, steep hills). Occasionally we talked, but mostly we just ran. I really haven't run with someone where I've had to push (and had FUN doing so) since...well, I guess since March or so when I ran an 18 miler with Kathy. I have missed that...

I am wondering how I'll feel tomorrow. My hamstrings and glutes are a little sore from some kettlebell stuff I did yesterday, and after a workout I can feel the ligaments around my uterus...not pain, just that I feel them. Standing up,'s the same as I felt back around 14 weeks, which is weird considering things are much bigger now. I was watching my stomach last night before going to sleep, and it was funny...I can see rolls and kicks now, they look like more than just twitches. Cool. In June I saw a friend who was 25 weeks pregnant at the time, and she was much bigger than I am now, and saying she could feel the head, feet, etc. I definitely can't tell what's what! But sometimes I feel simultaneous movements on both sides of my belly, so I can sort of tell if the kid is stretched out. And sometimes she moves completely over to one side, and I have a very assymetrical bump! Weird.

Anyway, running at 24 weeks feels great (at least today), much better than earlier in the pregnancy. OH...and, my dad sent me an email yesterday saying he ordered me the BoB Revolution (in chocolate and blue!) and it should arrive within 2 weeks! He knew how much I wanted it, and it was on sale at REI. I said I would wrap it up and open it at Christmas, but I don't have that much self control!