Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Fun PW...(not even a PPR)

The 10k was this afternoon. I knew it would be a personal worst, because I did a 10k in May around 14 weeks that I wouldn't beat today. Beautiful weather (a little hot actually). The kid was doing warm-ups all morning, really stretching out her legs. Fred, Luz, Clara and I were all there, but Jen was stuck on 95 with her boyfriend coming back from New Hampshire...not sure she'd make it before the start, because they were closing the road to the beach. But I picked up her number and got the pins in it, and left it on our windshield just in case! About 200 runners I think, I started where I belonged at the back with others whose only goal was to finish! I ran the first (of 4) hills because it was right at the start, too early to walk. Then the course went to the end of a road where there was a turn-around, and as I was heading back up the road, there was Jen! She caught me before the first mile (9:40) and told me the whole story...they got to the closed road, she asked a cop if the race had started, he said no and that he'd give her a ride in his cop car to the start! He even used his siren to move some people out of the way for her! The race started before she got out of the car, but she found her number and, obviously, managed to catch me. Actually she managed to catch a LOT of people, even Fred, (since I couldn't beat him, someone had to...she took her mission seriously!) and finished around 57:00, despite starting a few minutes behind everyone! My second mile was around 9:50, and the rest were right around 10:10 probably, plus I walked less than a minute on the other 3 hills. Most of the time I was running with the closest people 20 feet ahead or behind me, so no crowds to deal with! I passed one lady (who looked pretty fit, I don't know why she was slow) who then passed me when I walked a hill. She said something encouraging about keep running, and I had to say, "I'm 6 months pregnant, I'm allowed to walk the hills!" I did end up beating her (not that I'm being competitive or anything!). Then an older cop on the course nicely said, "You can go faster than that!" And I replied, "I'm 6 months pregnant, this is as fast as it gets!" His response: "Oh, then you shouldn't be out here at all!" It was funny. But annoying because I still don't look pregnant, let alone 6 months, and I want people to know that I'm slow for a reason! Pride. I debated what to wear, but ended up with a baggy shirt and a number pinned over the bump. A tighter shirt, which I considered, really just looked like a bulge of fat, especially with the support band. Oh well...I'm not complaining! I managed to not have to pee (hitting the port-a-potty 3 times pre-race helped) and not feel too dehydrated (there were 3 water stops, which was nice) at the end. Jen did pass Fred to win (well, not the race, but our group of 5), Fred was close behind around 57:45, Luz around 58:30, me around 1:02:30, and Clara around 1:05. Results not up yet. Overall fun, but I think that might have been my last race. I'll still run for fun, shorter distances, but...I don't know if I'm into races right now. And that's ok.

Oh, and the kid? She seemed to nap during the race, but a half hour later she was back at it...and hasn't stopped ALL DAY. I think she's going to be that baby that you have to put on the washing machine to get to sleep, she's so used to motion. At least we're planning to use cloth diapers...the waching machine will have plenty to do.


Mama Simmons said...

Great job on your run... its inevitable that we start getting slower as we move through the pregnancy... the fun part will be to watch ourselves getting faster afterward! :)
I know what you mean though about wanting people to know that you're slow b/c you're pregnant... the 2.3 mile swim race I did at 27 weeks I entered as 'Mama Simmons' (although they figured out it was me and posted my results as Michelle anyway- argh)... and I had a swim suit that said Mama Simmons on the front AND on the butt. No confusion there! ;)

Heather said...

"I think she's going to be that baby that you have to put on the washing machine to get to sleep, she's so used to motion"

Shhh, don't say that, I think my husband already suspects that my running had something to do with the fact that Angeline is not really happy unless she's moving!

Great run today!
And not that slow, especially for 6 months pregnant! I know it's always a comparison to what you could do, but remember that!

*aron* said...

WOO glad you had fun :) i would be totally announcing the pregnancy too! maybe one of these days you will get a belly :)

N.D. said...

Hmm, can you take a nap with kiddie moving all around? Great job on the run. I think I would just feel proud of myself and laugh at people who told me I could go faster. And angry at the cop saying I shouldn't be out there. You did great. THe story of Jen is funny with the cop car! I know how you feel though, is it worth it when you can't push it anymore and can't hold your best pace? I think only if a pretty medal or amenities are involved that I want. : ) Good job!

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Well done and great time.
I'm doing my last 10K next weekend - at 25 weeks. I still plan on running until my body tells me not do, but my medal collecting will be shelved until the spring.

WendyBird said...

I'm so happy to find your blog. I took up running last year, 6 years after being diagnosed with RA. I was up to 7 miles last year, then had major surgery, but I'm back up to 2 and getting better every day :-) Thanks for the inspiration!

Clare said...

wendy, glad you found this! good for you for getting back into running after the surgery. i think being very active has really helped my RA (and my outlook!!)!