Sunday, September 14, 2008


It was just a training run with the girls, but we did the entire course for next week's race. Today was hot and time was just over a 10 minute pace, and so if next Sunday's forecast of sunny, dry, and 74 holds, I think I can go under 1:02. Of course I'd really like to go under an hour, but I don't want to push much beyond comfortable. I'm pretty thrilled that I can still go out and run for an hour as I enter the 3rd trimester (26 weeks today, so I guess by next weekend it'll be official). Today I did walk the 4 short steep hills, as I plan to in the race, but each is only about a minute long, so I'm glad I felt as good running as long as I did. I wore the belt, and like last time, the first mile or two were a little uncomfortable but after that I had no ligament pain and felt good. Plus I didn't have to pee! Good thing as my usual stop is the beach which is actually the official race start, where we started from today-usually we start from a different place on the course and hit the bathrooms around 1.5 miles in. I think I just sweated out the extra fluids...did I mention HOT AND HUMID?

Yesterday I visited my friend in the hospital who just had her baby. She was 11 days overdue, and Caroline had to push for 2 hours before the baby twisted and got stuck and had to come out via emergency c-section. How much does that stink...having to go through labor AND a c-section...totally not fair! Anyway, Clara is beautiful, has a full head of light brown hair, complete with blond highlights! Pretty amazing, we joked she'd spent the extra 11 days getting her hair done for the big day. It was fun to hold such a brand new baby. She was all swaddled up, and when she wriggled all the squirming and somersaulting I've been feeling kind of made sense!


N.D. said...

Yay! Great job!! It will be great to do the 10k next weekend and you will feel super confident after this weekend which was crappy running weather. Go Claire!! Almost in tri3, so lucky, and still running, Yay!!

Mama Simmons said...

That newborn squirming is interesting, huh? I thought the same thing when I saw Solbee a few days ago... those hands and feet that move constantly... it made so much sense b/c that's what I'm feeling *all the time* now! :)
Awesome that you can still run. Some people can run all the way through which is so cool... a friend of mine ran 10 miles the week before her 3rd baby was born. I feel too much urge to pee to do that but she didn't so it's possible!! :)

*aron* said...

ohhh so exciting! my friend had her baby yesterday too but her labor was MUCH easier than that :) its soooo exciting!!

great job on the run too!! that is so awesome you are still running like that!