Friday, September 05, 2008

Is she or isn't she??

Maybe it's having to get up 2 hours earlier than "summer normal," but I've been wiped out the past 2 days. Didn't work out yesterday. Today I peeled myself off the couch after a 2 hour nap to walk for 50 minutes. It didn't wake me up...still tired.

Yesterday I told my classes of 9th graders that I'll be out in January and February because I'm going to have a baby in December. The kids from last year know, and I didn't want any whispering or rumors (a few years ago another science teacher told her kids she was pregnant, and one girl said, "Oh good, we thought you were just getting fat." Nice, huh?) It was funny...what I was wearing did not make me look pregnant, and watching them turn their heads to see my belly better was hilarious. One girl actually said, "But wait, that's in, like, 4 months. You don't look pregnant..." Well, actually 3, but, yeah...Then later one of the secretaries, whom I told back in June that I was pregnant (but she seemed to have forgotten) commented on how "fit and toned" I looked (yeah, I liked that). I patted my belly and said yeah, I'm just starting to show. She HAD totally forgotten that I was pregnant! That was cool.

Not that I always look so un-pregnant...but I do find myself dressing to hide it. Once I can't, fine...I'll wear the maternity clothes and maybe even like it. But at 25 weeks I STILL feel like I'm in the in-between stages and just look fat. I think slowly my uterus is moving up above my belly button, which will help me look more pregnant. When it's all low, it just looks like a gut. For whatever reason, I want to wait another 2 weeks to break out the official maternity clothes, just to not have to wear them til the third trimester. Whatever.


*aron* said...

LOL that is hilarious that she forgot and cant even tell! i bet the first week back is so hard to get into the swing of things... you will get the energy back :)

N.D. said...

Wow, you're so lucky that you're hardly showing and people are still questioning that you are pregnant!! I don't want to break out those maternity clothes AT ALL! and I feel like I have just ballooned in the last 2 weeks, my uterus feels like it blew up. Is that what happens - it moves up ? Weird. I'm so not good at this stuff. Maybe for you, it is because you are tall!! Fun. I am exhausted too, OMG! It went from having nothing to do and being somewhat bored to not knowing what boredom even is and absolute insanity! I don't like the first 2-3 weeks, I'll be happy in October!