Saturday, October 27, 2012

1.5 cm, steroid shots at 33 weeks

This pregnancy has been pretty similar to the first.  I was in the hospital for monitoring yesterday, and they decided to give me the steroid shots for lung development this time.  They talked about it last time, but I kind of talked them out of it.  This time, I am already 1.5 cm dilated, they only give the shots up to 34 weeks, and I do just have a feeling this baby could come by Thanksgiving (37 weeks) or a little before.  There appears no real down side to the shots (and the upside for me?  My awful neck pain is a little bit lessened!) so better safe than sorry as even if she is just a little early her lungs will benefit.  I go get the second shot (and 2 hours of monitoring) today.  I'm pretty sure my doctor would write me out of work if I wanted, but I can't.  Not ready!  I will take a lot of time this week (assuming we have school?  Hurricane Irene put us out of school for a week, Sandy might get us a few days!) to get thing more in order.  Found out I should have the same sub as last time so that helps.  Here's a belly pic at 33 weeks: