Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Treadmill 5k

Sleepy after school but needed to work out. Actually, in the car I was thinking that I didn't NEED it like I used to NEED it, but I wanted to need it, so I went. Treadmill, figured I'd do 10 minute miles and just see. I slowed a little after 1 mile to regroup, but felt strong still, and at 2.25 miles and another 1 minute slow down, I ramped it up and did the 3.1 in 30:50. Slower than my disappointing 5k, I know, but this was on a treadmill and actually felt strong, so I am happy.

I know not every run can be a good run. I remember marathon training in 2008 and I wasn't feeling it and told myself I'd stop after 2 miles if I didn't get into it. I didn't, and I called it a day and the next day was back to normal. But, when you only run twice a week, if a run sucks, it's much more noticeable. The solution is to run more than twice a week. I think I am healthy and healed enough to do three now. Hopefully I'll find the time and motivation.


35life said...

You're doing great! I haven't broken the 30 minute 5K in over a month! I'm training for my first half and sticking around that 10-min mile pace so that I can assure myself I'll finish. Eventually, I'd like to work on speed, but hey, I'm still a newbie!

fancy nancy said...

You're doing great!! Keep it're getting stronger each time!