Sunday, March 30, 2008

The man in the yellow tights beat me.

Showing up was the hardest part. I like getting up early, but only when I don't have to DO anything. Not that any of it was easy. But I did it. I paid attention; when my body said speed up, I did; when it said slow down (it said that a lot more), I did. Didn't wear a watch again...I like the freedom of not knowing my pace, just running what feels right. Uncomfortable, but maintainable. The fact that that is now around a 9 minute pace makes me happy. Did I tell the truth? Well, I will now: the entire race I was about 20 seconds behind an older guy in the ugliest yellow and black checked tights. I told myself I would catch him by the end, that I couldn't be beat by someone with such bad fashion sense. But, I did not beat him. In fact, he had more of a kick than I and probably beat me by a minute or so. The outcome? Not bad. 2:48:35, or a 9:03 pace (at 4 miles someone told me the time and I figured I had an 8:40 pace at that point, so I slowed down but not too much), official results up later. Granted the only hills on the course were 2 speed bumps. But actually the flat might hurt more. With hills, your legs get a break, a different motion, but your lungs get more of a challenge. So, Nashville will be close. Cautiously optimistic about breaking 4 hours, but there are just so many variables in a race. I will try, but I will be kind to myself if it's not going to happen...this time.

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