Saturday, March 08, 2008

Depends Whom You Ask...

It's good to have different types of friends. I have friends who are impressed by my being able to run distances, who don't understand why I think it's fun (and necessary). I have others who are not impressed, who do what I do or more, and faster. Some put me up on a pedestal, others knock me right off. It's healthy.

Had a very good week of training. Recovered well from the 25k, pushed the speedwork Tuesday, ran 7 outside Thursday, and felt good in all of the workouts. Tomorrow is only 13 (I love when I can preface a number like 13 with "only." The half marathon is such a good distance.), then only 4 more long runs before I taper. I am so curious to see how I do in Nashville. When I ran my 4 hour marathon in October '06, it was not something I had trained for specifically. I was training for New York with my dad, but he was going to be setting the pace and I had an age advantage so I didn't worry about my pace. A lot of my fitness at that time had come from cycling, and I was only maybe running 3 days a week, with no real plan. And no thought of being fast (which, depending on whom you ask...). So, we will see. More than time, my goal is to stay healthy, stay positive if then ankle acts up (so far, so good), and be grateful that I committed to and completed one more marathon

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Tambo said...

That is my girl...GLAD you included the word KIDS>>>> I liked our little chat the other day, I think it will be good to "practice and not prevent" in March/ You will still be able to run...if something happened.. MY SISTER found out she was preggers with my niece paige right after she ran the boston a couple of years ago...which means she had just convieved and it is dooable.
I am here as your conception trainer...LOL