Monday, March 10, 2008

Jinxed myself. Exhausted today. Had a leg massage, which helped tremendously, and took Bea's spin class...normally I love her classes because she pushes me so hard, but today I consciously kept my heart rate below 75%. It was fine, though weird. I haven't been spinning at all since training for the marathon. I guess, as always, I am still figuring things out.

Did 12 miles yesterday, was supposed to do 13 but the route was a bit short and I didn't feel like doing the extra by the end. It was a super windy day, cold. Slow. Ankle was weird, fine on the very smooth pavement but not on the rougher, potholed stuff, or where there was a lot of debris on the road. Mentally I found that tough, always watching where I put my feet for 2 straight hours. A wrong step, on a stick or a bump, and there's this brief but intense pain. Sucks. Though it didn't hurt really, except for those missteps, I favored it, which probably contributed to my leg fatigue today. At any rate...ordered a new ankle brace today, maybe more for psychological support than anything.

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