Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More is Less

STILL not recovered. There's a lesson here, if I choose to pay attention.

Last week I felt so good that I lifted more than usual. Haven't been doing legs much, since obviously running's been the focus, but last week I worked them Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, hard. Plus the usual runs Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and the long run ("only" 13 which didn't feel so "only" after all) Sunday. So, it's been about 14 days since my last day off. I'm fighting with myself right now, I really want to go to the gym and do upper body, but I am not. Clearly my body is telling my OCD mind to back off (Melissa, that's for you!). Because I have to do my first 20 this Sunday, I am listening. I am still fighting the panic of losing everything I've worked for if I slack off, but also understanding that well-timed rest will do more for my goals than senseless pushing.

I finally talked to Amy about the CCC. We will sign up for this September, and can push it off until 2009 if the timing doesn't work out this year (i.e. if I am too pregnant, too morning-sick, too tired...that's going to be a treat, working through those issues!). At any rate, it sounded FUN, and I already warned my principal that I would be doing it one of the next 2 years (the timing stinks, having to take more than a week off during the first month of school, but it will work out).

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