Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I love my job

Tell me another job where you get to meet and KNOW 80 or so new people every year? And most of them are so interesting. Today in my honors class a girl asked if we could watch a youtube video of Dick and Rick Hoyt, the father/son Ironman team. (I also had them watch this one, which is super funny and scary at the same time. I should also have them see this, but I guess my job is to teach science, not Ironman.) Alex and I had been talking Monday, she was in the car with her mom on Saturday and saw me running in New Canaan with Sam's mom. As she explained to the class, "Ms. McLellan and I were talking Monday, and she does marathons and my mom does triathlons, and we both love this video." Yeah, I do marathons. How cool is that? And then this other kid asked me if I'm going to do an Ironman. Yep, that's the plan. Someday.

Turns out Alex said her mom had never been athletic before in her life and just started triathlons a couple years ago. I love that. I love the idea that you can always reinvent yourself. Or maybe reinvent isn't the right word. Discover? Unearth? At any rate, as I contemplate having kids, it's encouraging and inspiring to hear how other women have become stronger, better, faster, real-er as they've gotten older. And they are everywhere. I just never knew.

The thing I love about RA (it's a love/hate thing) is that sometimes I totally forget I have it. Ever since my long run Saturday (with my new ankle brace), my ankle has been "healed." Perfect. (Except for the big welt on it from the brace, gotta figure that one out.) Wrists too. Strong. (I lifted at the gym yesterday, I use 35 lbs to do one arm rows for my back, and this guy was there watching me, I'm pretty sure he was jealous that he couldn't do that.) If my 7-month flare-cycle prediction is right, I'm due in June for a rough patch, but since I'm too scared to give up the prednisone, maybe not.

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