Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hmmm...the dates and times seem to be off on my last few posts. The last one was written Wednesday but it says Monday. Oh well.

So after my 4.5 mile "run" Wednesday morning, I went out for a 4.5 mile walk with 2 friends. 9 miles for the day...walking or running, it's still 9 miles, which is the longest I've gone since the half at the end of June! I was pretty exhausted though (but managed to get through the day with no naps, unlike Tuesday which was a 2-nap day!). Today I did a leisurely 17 miles ride with Eric, and despite thinking my legs would be shot, I did ok. Guess biking and running use the muscles differently.

Haven't really lifted this week, except for the core class Tuesday. I could go to Bea's class tonight (she's subbing for someone and promised a boot-camp-like experience), but I think I don't want to. I'd never miss a Saturday boot camp, but...well, it's Thursday. The poor people who do show up though are in for a rude awakening...her classes are 10 times tougher than the person's she subbing for. Anyway, I did more cardio this week than I have been, so I guess I can slack on the weights a little. As long as there's balance...

And the kid was a maniac last night, her kicks are getting really strong!! I'm 20 weeks Sunday...half way there!

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N.D. said...

1/2 way there - you are so lucky! and staying so active! Way to go!