Monday, July 21, 2008

Finally worked out HARD

I think I haven't run in a few days. Forget long runs, that's been weeks...but even just "going out for a run." Partly I blame the 90+ degree heat and accompanying humidity. Well, maybe "thank" is a better work than blame. But I do hope my attitude changes once the weather does, because in the abstract I miss the hour and 2 hour jaunts around town. Though logistically now that would be a nightmare...suburbanites around here probably wouldn't take kindly to me peeing on their manicured lawns. At any rate, I still do weekly speedwork on the treadmill which I mostly enjoy. Strangely the weird uterus-ligament-overuse-soreness I had for a few weeks hasn't been back. Ok, maybe it's because I'm not running as much. But...I still do boot camp and all that jumping and even that doesn't produce the waddling. So, maybe the ligaments have just gotten stronger and are done with that silliness.

So in place of running I've gotten back into spinning. I was thinking about this at a red light on the way to the gym this morning...although I always do both, I really do have seasonal patterns to my workouts. I think every summer I back off of the running and do more spinning (and cycling). I think it's because of the heat. So I shouldn't blame the pregnancy for everything. Today was the first day I actually remembered that I LIKE spinning. It's one of those things that is very instructor-specific for me. There are a few instructors I like, but it's too easy to take it easy in their classes. Today Bea subbed for someone and it was a whole different world. I actually WORKED. Bea doesn't believe in breaks longer than about 30 seconds, so though there's time to get my heartrate back down, there's no time to negotiate with myself about whether or not I should take it back up again or not. It felt great.

Tomorrow...the big ultrasound. I'm assuming the kid is healthy, so I'm basically waiting to find out if it's a boy or a girl. Weird weird weird weird weird...


N.D. said...

Oooh, good luck tomorrow!! Are you pulling for one or the other? Spinning sounds good. I'm impressed you are actually still doing speed workouts, my speed sucks right now and I think I would die if I tried to do speed workouts. Running 15 minutes feels like an hour and I am exhausted the rest of the day. Was it like that for you in the first trimester? Did you do any races early on? I'm asking my doctor if I can do a 1/2 in september, but I'm kind of nervous he is going to say no. I might just do it anyway, at my own leisurely pace. I still do long runs so I can't see why it would be a problem unless I don't feel up to it at that point. Well, good luck tomorrow!

Clare said...

hmmm...well, i've bought a few things and i DEFINITELY have more girl stuff than boy stuff!

speed workouts just feel better since i can't sustain a decent pace! i'll post details next time i do one, but rest between it's all walking (and gasping).

from reading your blog i thought you were still feeling great running and i was jealous! around 8 weeks i really noticed a slowing down...i was excited a few weeks ago to do 3 9-min miles nonstop!

i did a marathon at 6 weeks that felt normal, a 10k at 8 weeks that was about 45 sec/mi slower than same course last year, and a SUPER slow half at 14 weeks! some of the slowness was mental...with a guaranteed NON-pr, i wasn't up for pain. i have a 5k with friends aug 3 that i'm curious about...i CAN'T let myself walk in a 5k!!

do the half, if running (or the run-walk mix i did i mine!) still feels good (if slow!) why not??

*aron* said...

i love spinning but its been a while since i have gone... i really want to start again after the marathon is over. definitely going to incorporate it into the next training plan.

ohhhhhh you are expecting :) SO exciting!! when are you due?

N.D. said...

Thanks!! I'm going to probably ignore my doctor, just told me husband that. Running has sucked! I have no motivation and my speed sucks unless I make myself feel like I'm going to die. I ran 7 miles at my normal pace yesterday and I think I stopped every minute of it to breathe. Good luck tomorrow, I think as girls we go for girls and the men want boys!!

Runner Girl said...

hi clare thanks for the comment on my blog and congrats on your little boy or girl! btw i saw you were from stamford- i grew up in ridgefield!