Monday, July 28, 2008

Words of Wisdom

Just got the book "Running and Pregnancy" off of Amazon. Recommended, if for nothing else than the little things that make you feel good. For instance, in a list of highs and lows of pregnancy, one of the highs is "Knowing you'll never again have to work so hard to run so slowly." Amen. I just read this after returning from another 4.5 mile effort, hillier than the one I ran successfully on Monday. So that little thought means a lot right now!


N.D. said...

Great job on the 4.5er.. is it the runners world book? I have a book with that title, by runners world. Those message boards were so reassuring and inspirational. Now I'm running till the end. I'll make myself!

Clare said...

yeah, it's the runner's world book...i haven't looked much at those message boards yet but i need to! the more inspiration (and reassurance!) the better!