Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stupid ankle again

Ran today with the girls...and it was great. I've run with them a few times, but before I was just a lot faster, and it's hard to run at an unnatural pace, whether too fast or too slow. Now, more or less, we're the same. What gave me trouble today was my ankle. It really hurt. Of course I ran anyway (luckily we all wanted to walk on the way, sunny, thirsty, lazy) but it's just having a bad day. I tried to take
a picture of my ankles, hard to get a good angle with a webcam. Still, you can see on my left ankle that it's swollen. On the outside it seems to crease more but on the inside is where most of the swelling is. Not awful, I guess feels just like a twisted or sprained ankle would (don't think I've ever had one of those though). And it'll probably feel fine tomorrow. Though the swelling is constant.

In other news, I think I felt a couple kicks yesterday. Not sure...but likely.

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