Monday, July 28, 2008

I DID run the whole thing!

...Minus a quick pee stop (this despite drinking nothing in the morning and peeing a few times before leaving...) Averaged about 9:45 min/mile. Felt good. Then I lifted (back and biceps and abs), and later tonight took a spin class. I feel back in the groove...a slow groove admittedly. But I'm hopeful for Sunday's 5k...maybe 9 minute miles!


N.D. said...

Way to go, that's great and must feel great!!!!

N.D. said...

The distance run is great! I figure I might be taking walk breaks but I think that I can do it! The worst thing is not knowing what level I'll be at! I keep going to the baltimore half marathon website and filling out all the registration parts, and getting to submit and I get nervous! I'll be almost 5 months, I don't know what my condition will be. You are 5 months soon, right? What do you think?