Sunday, August 03, 2008

Not Too Slow!!

This morning was the 5k. Sarita, Clara, Jen and Jen's dad all ran with me. Beautiful day, couldn't have asked for nicer weather. At the first mile mark, a lady was standing with a watch calling out times. "7:52...7:54...7:56..." Ummm, ok, I tried to believe her, but that was just impossible. I would believe it if I weren't 20 weeks pregnant...but no way. I tried to keep up the same pace just in case, but she must've been WAY off because my final time was 29:10, for a 9:25 pace. Not bad, definitely under my 30:00 goal! It felt good. I did feel slow, but I still pushed and the effort was strong. At the end, a woman who had continually walked, then sprinted, walked, sprinted through at least the last mile (alternating passing me and being passed) tried to to outsprint me. But I hadn't NOT walked to be beaten by someone who HAD, so I made sure I outkicked her.

Oh, and then we had the BEST ice cream (the reason I picked this particular ice cream at 9:30 am!)...they had a bunch of flavors, but I went with pumpkin...good choice. YUM.

September 14 is our next race...10k. If I'm going to be much slower, I at least want to LOOK pregnant by then.
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N.D. said...

Nice job on the run!! Probably better you don't look pregnant, no one will stare and make comments AT you! Great time too!!

*aron* said...

awesome job on the 5k!!!