Monday, August 11, 2008

Short is the New Long

Yesterday Fred and I went out for a run together...he's decided to run the 10k in September as well. He hasn't run since the half back in April, so we ran about 2.5 miles together and then he headed home while I kept going for another 2. It was good running with him, because his pace is what mine is now...and he's very steady. Whereas last week when I ran this course and walked a few times, this time I ran the entire thing (10 min miles), no walking. It takes me a long time now to warm up and feel normal (probably why I cave in and walk, I still start out too fast). Around 3 miles, I realized I felt really good and strong, like I could keep going for a lot longer. (That feeling disappeared a mile or so later, of course!)

I need to understand that 4.5 miles actually does constitute a long run for me now, and that's fine. It's been a long time since I've had to train for a 10k...usually 6-7 mile runs are normal. WERE normal. Right.

In other news, when I went to the doctor last week I'd gained half a pound over the previous visit a month ago. I think things may speed up now, as a few days this week I've been 155 lbs. My weekly average yesterday (at 21 weeks) was 153, or up a total of 7 pounds. At this point, the pound a week thing sounds fine, but again, whatever happens happens. And my belly might look more pregnant than I let on...I just refuse to wear anything that makes me look pregnant, meaning I only wear looser things. I tried on a few pairs of work pants this morning, and while some (by no means all) still fit, the normal pants definitely make me look pregnant. Wider legs and drawstrings don' I think I'll head out to TJ Maxx this morning to see if I can find any cheap pants like that to get me through a couple months. At some point I won't mind looking pregnant, but I'm still in this weird in between stage where what I wear makes a huge difference in how I look (and feel).

UPDATE: I found 2 great pairs of yoga-type pants from Nike, one black and one brown. Both long and loose, but nice enough that I will totally wear them to school! Comfy and at least now I feel like I look pretty good in them.


*aron* said...

awesome job on the run!!

my friends have gotten some cute maternity stuff at old navy and target for cheap too. you are doing awesome!

N.D. said...

tell me about the pants!! I'll buy anything like that to wear to school!!
Nice job on the running!! You do not look pregnant AT ALL! I 've seen the pic!! Weight gain is good, for the baby girl! But hard, I know how you mean, it will be good when you "pop" I guess!!

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Hi Clare,
Hope you are well. I stumbled across your blog whilst looking for another pregnant runner. I can totally relate to the speed issues. I'm nearly 18 weeks and 9m/m is my max just now.
Looking forward to reading how you're getting on.