Sunday, August 17, 2008

I am so not touchy-feely...

Another fabulous 5 miles today, this time outside. A 10-minute pace, with allowances to walk up the 3 short but steep hills. I probably don't need to walk those (or all of them anyway) but then again, I guess I don't need to NOT walk them either. Weird mental stuff, this pregnancy thing.

Fred and I went to the bookstore last night and I flipped through a couple women's running books and one on fitness in pregnancy. For what they are, they're ok...but I'm sick of all this touchy-feely shit about how you're "blossoming" and you're "nurturing a new life" so it's ok to be lazy. (I'm not saying pregnancy doesn't change things...obviously it does, as my own less-competitive attitude shows, but that's no reason to become a wimp or a whiner.) I've had an easy pregnancy so I'm not as sympathetic as I might be, but I think there's a difference between taking it easy because you're nauseous and fatigued, and taking it easy because you're afraid to hurt the baby or something. If fitness was a part of your self-definition before you got pregnant, why on Earth if you're healthy wouldn't you keep it up??? I know plenty of people who will relate to this and plenty more (who will never read this) who think trying to stay fit while pregnant is somehow selfish. As if getting fat and lazy is somehow more beneficial to the kid inside. Anyway, at the bookstore I was wishing there was a more hard-assed approach to fitness in pregnancy, a book where the author said, "Look. You're not sick, you're not an invalid, and there's no reason for you to help yourself get fat here. Get off your ass and get moving. Walk, run, lift, swim, whatever, but make sure your heartrate gets up there (no more of this 140 bpm max shit) and make sure you SWEAT. No one's saying become a pregorexic, but you're an athlete, ACT LIKE ONE!" It's just so taboo to talk this way...I don't get it. There's nothing unhealthy about it if you're being healthy!!!

I guess I'm ready for a fight...I guess I'm always ready for a fight about some things...which is silly...but once I start showing (and with a 2 pound weight gain this week it can't be far away), I anticipate some comments.


N.D. said...

I hear you and agree on this. People are like, wow, you're running. Obviously? Was I just going to stop and sit on the couch now? Then - you're taking it easy right? Dude, I'm doing what my doctor said was fine, so zip it!! If I read books like the ones you have I would have returned them or burned them. I kind of like the runners world one for running and pregnancy or something like that. It tells it like it is, and isn't too bad with the touchy - feely crap. Maybe we can collaborate on a book. There isn't much out there.

Nice job on the run btw!!

TrainingtoTri said...

I agree. We are pregnant, not diseased! I hope to keep running through my pregnancy. I found your blog off of another one. Good luck in your pregnancy!


Mama Simmons said...

I'm 29 weeks and the other day after I was done swimming an old guy at the pool made a comment to me about how I swam too much that day. Oh yeah? Says Who? Funny thing was that I only swam about a mile and a half that day... 3 days prior I did a 2.4 mile ocean swim race. I think as long as your pregnancy isn't complicated and you and baby are healthy, do what feels good. I did have to stop running a few weeks ago bc it stopped feeling good (baby is really low so sits on my bladder too much to run :(, but I find a way to exercise everyday and will resume running ASAP after baby is born. Stick with it as long as you can!