Saturday, February 02, 2008

Yeah, it's officially in my left ankle now. So I wear a brace there too. I could be a poster child for neoprene. Anyway, never did that Philly half...not the RA that stopped me (never!) but a horrible stomach virus. Dropped 7 pounds in 3 days of not eating. Adjusted RA meds, am on a maintenance dose of prednisone now (and for once I don't want to go off of it), and am fairly "normal." Well,the new normal. Most days now the ankle is ok. Not joint once affected ever seems to go back to perfect, there are mis-steps and accidental twists and turns that cause intense, but brief, pain. There is always swelling, and I don't like to look at it because...well, because it looks like it has RA. (Another reason to wear the brace, it covers it up.) Still, I am training to run the County Music Marathon in Nashville at the end of April (and my husband is training for the half...he runs hist first 5k tomorrow! I am sitting it out because I have to run a 12 miler tomorrow). I have an unexpected new "coach" who's taken it upon herself to set up my schedule, hold me accountable for the workouts, and convince me I can indeed break 4 hours ("No problem," she said last week as we did an 11 miler together. Ummm...ok.). Kathy is great...she is the Ironman mom of one of my nicest (and chattiest) students, and her support seems to be just what I need right now. So, here's to 12 tomorrow...was going to do it today but the ankle said, "Wait." Hopefully it didn't intend for me to wait long.

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