Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Obsession

OK, Ironman is still lurking out there for me some day. But my latest, more attainable goal is actually a week-long cycling tour to raise money for the Arthritis Foundation. I received the jerseys Jerry from Amgen said he'd get me...awesome. He sent a pair of shorts, a long sleeved jersey, a jacket, and a short sleeved jersey that was too big for me but that fits Fred perfectly. I felt like a total pro in the kit, and to top it off, it arrived the day after I got my bike back from the shop. All new Campy components, racing wheels...2.5 pounds lighter than before (my wallet quite a bit lighter still!). Of course, we also got 7 inches of snow the same day, so it's yet untested. But some of the clothes came from the Arthritis Foundation with a note from Amy, one of the VPs who's in charge of the California Coast Classic (, an 8 day tour to raise money and awareness of arthritis-related conditions. I had had no idea about it. I ran my first marathon, plus a half marathon later, with Joints in Motion, so I've raised money for them before, but to be able to do this cycling tour for the cause sounds amazing. I've become a little obsessed and have to call Amy this week to discuss. Fred would be on board too. Logistically I'll have to miss a week of school in September, not the best, but my administration would likely support it still. Of course, I may also be pregnant (if I don't chicken out, the goal is this summer), but barely, so that shouldn't make me too wobbly. Also, I'm having coffee with Susie from high school on Friday, who is going to convince me that being pregnant does not preclude fitness (her daughter Emily is about a year old now).

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