Sunday, February 10, 2008

Urgh. I don't know why I bother, but I keep searching for info on the Internet about other athletes with RA. All I come up with are sites, blogs, or message boards filled with whiners. I am so mean. I have my days too, I know, but come on! Get over it! Your day might suck, but LIVE YOUR LIFE.

On a positive note, Amgen, who makes Enbrel (yay Enbrel!), sponsors a company cycling team. I contacted them about buying some of their cycling clothing, and the super cool guys who wrote back are trying to find me not only Amgen-logo cycling clothes, but jersey and shorts that actually have "Enbrel" blasted on them! Not sure what'll come of it, but I would be so proud to wear those if I got them...see, I'm not totally healthy, but I'm definitely not sick, and I am proud of being who I am despite what I have.

So where are the rest of the people like me??

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