Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Blah. Tired today, even though it's the first day of NEVER COACHING AGAIN (again). The girls lost to Darien but it was a decent game. I will miss coaching the games, but not the practices...especially since this was the first season I really couldn't shoot, catch, or pass (my instinct when someone passes me the ball is now that of an uncoordinated 6-year-old: don't try to catch, try to deflect!). The girls were weirded out by the fact that my wrists don't bend (but I'm still a better shooter than most of them...sadly!).

Had 4 miles of speedwork on the schedule, but even though I did get my ass to the gym, it wasn't happening. I trudged through 2 miles, stretched, and promised to make up for it tomorrow.

Almost decided last night to fore go upgrading my bike components to make shifting and braking easier on the wrists. It would cost around $2000, the same price I paid for the bike 2 years ago. Fred is talking me into going for it. It's not really the money that is holding me back, it's just that I have this idea that as soon as we have kids (may start trying this summer...ack...) I will have no time to do anything. Fred promises me it won't be that way, he says there's no way I will let it...maybe he has more faith in me than I do sometimes. Anyway...it's a lot to consider.

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