Saturday, November 05, 2011


Tonsillitis was probably viral so it didn't respond to the antibiotics. I started with symptoms on Thursday and felt better yesterday...8 days. Plus pink eye. I look like the devil.
The up side in all this was that the freak snow storm on Saturday cancelled school Monday and Tuesday (and gave us delayed openings the whole rest of the week!) due to all the power outages. Two towns over they cancelled school all week.

I started the estrogen patches last Saturday. Don't even notice them, no side effects. Just waiting for my period. Then the fun begins. I keep looking at the calendar my nurse mapped out for me, just a guide of course, and trying to figure out when everything will happen. Right now...the week of Thanksgiving. I still haven't told anyone official at school that I'll be missing some morning classes. Guess at this point I'll just wait til I start.

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fancy nancy said...

I'm sorry that you were sick! Such an exciting time for you....and a lot to think about all at once! Good luck!