Monday, November 07, 2011

No big deal...yet?

Not sure when people typically start to feel side effects from the meds? But I have none so far. I'm really hoping this is like pregnancy, where the 9 months of body distortion I feared was really more like 3 months. Maybe I won't really notice them at that possible? At any rate, the 2 shots a day are no big deal. For my own records:

Final estrogen patch still on, til it falls off or they tell me to take it off.
450 (mg?) Follisitm
150 (mg?) Menopur

Go in for bloodwork Wednesday morning. Time to tell school I'll be out a lot over the next two weeks.


Anonymous said...

Going by the experience of two other IVF moms, it is possible to be side-effect less! Lucky dogs!

Anonymous said...

wow! i thought my follistim was high at 375! good luck to you!