Sunday, November 13, 2011


Is it normal to lose follicles? I had 4 this morning. Bigger (I didn't pay too much attention) but fewer. I asked when I might expect to trigger, and both the doctor and, later, the nurse, guessed Tuesday. Maybe Wednesday. I have to go back in tomorrow...and Tuesday...and Weds...and Thurs. If I do the retrieval Thursday, I could actually have an entire day at work on Friday. I am trying not to feel guilty, but it's impossible. One class is affected a lot, another some, and the other two not at all until retrieval day, but...ugh. I was supposed to be observed Thursday (we have a new assistant principal...I haven't been observed in YEARS) but I cancelled that via email tonight. On top of all this, my husband is going out of town tomorrow morning through Wednesday night. Unless I trigger early, in which case he'll come home. But now I also have to juggle getting a kid to a school that doesn't open until 7:30, while simultaneously getting myself to school for a 7:30 bell, except of course I won't be there for the bell, I need to drive 45 minutes away to get bloodwork and ultrasounds done. We've recruited our neighbor to help, and Andra is on board with Mark (honestly one of Andra's favorite people around here) and Rosie (the dog) walking her to school tomorrow so I can at least get to the clinic right when it opens and hopefully only miss one class. The other days, since I'll be missing two classes (that's just how our schedule is) I figure I'll just drop her myself and get to the clinic a little later. Except of course if I trigger Tuesday then I have to be in Manhattan at 6:30 am for pre-op paperwork. So, Andra will come with me for that, because I am not asking a neighbor to watch her at 5:30 in the morning.

Oh, the fun of it all.

I will say that I still have no side effects. My husband has blamed something on "Oh, I guess you are getting side effects" because he said some dumb-ass thing that I actually responded to way less bitchily than normal and was able to let it go, but he couldn't.


Anonymous said...

Hoping all these troubles are things you will completely forget in a few weeks or maybe months... I really wish I were there to help

Anonymous said...

Definitely normal to "lose" follicles as the cycle progresses. I started out the cycle in April with 12 follicles, then 8, then only 6 made it to retrieval. But, each cycle is different (i.e., I'm not saying this means that 50% decrease is normal). Glad you are going pscyho on the drugs! Again, everyone reacts differently. Progesterone definitely made me cah-razy. (Runningmama from more room in my heart)

Angela and David said...

The logistics are one of the hardest parts of the process. I'll have to look, I'm not sure if losing follicles is normal or not, but I was kind of the opposite of you, I had to worry about being over stimulated. Good luck with it all!