Tuesday, November 22, 2011

They're cooking

They put both embryos back today. One was 7 cells and above average quality. The other was only 4 cells, but was still growing, so there's hope. Got the pictures of them. Weird that that turns into a baby. Maybe.


35life said...

Good luck to you! Fingers crossed!!

RunningMama said...

Good luck. You just never know. I had a 4 cell that looked crappy that turned into an amazing blastocyst. We froze that one, so don't know if it was any good. Keep busy these next two weeks. I found the 1st week to be easiest. I would get really anxious the 2nd week.

Angela and David said...

Good luck! And like Running Mama said, at this stage you can't give hope on an egg - sadly picking the good egg is much more luck than science. Hope those eggs are implanting and growing.

And good luck waiting. I was terrible at it so I've got not good advice.