Tuesday, December 01, 2009

RA ankle

I'm giving myself a week with no forced workouts. I still WANT to go to the two classes I go to, I might WANT to go and lift another time. But even though I have last period free today and COULD make myself run, I am not going to. December is relax month. Then I hope my motivation will be back in January to step it up for a spring half (maybe in DC!).

My other reason for taking it easy, besides mental, is my ankle. I just made an appointment for next week to talk to my rheumatologist. This is so annoying! My RA is NOT flaring. It's just that my ankle is stiff and painful. Even walking. Not BAD bad, just ANNOYING. Normally you don't think about your ankles when you walk. I do now, and really, who needs that? My neck at the base of my skull is also bothering me and I think it's the RA too. I like my doctor and hopefully he will have some suggestions...change or increase medications, insist on a cortisone shot in the ankle, orthotics, physical therapy, prednisone (even though it's not a flare)...who knows. I don't think backing off on running will help or hurt, it's just that running (and walking) are uncomfortable now so I don't want to do them. And then there's the guilt for not wanting to, the fear that I'll lose what little running fitness I have retained, etc. But there's nothing to DO about it, I just have to figure out the best way to make the best of it. I'm confident everything will clear up (my wrists the last year or two have been so much better than 5 or 6 years ago) but I can't know when. The unpredictability of the disease always throws me for a loop. But since I also need a mental break, I will take all this for what it's worth and just give myself a few weeks to chill out. And hopefully not eat too much chocolate. And peanut butter.


rheumablog said...

It's hard when RA interferes with the things we love most to do. I really admire your determination to keep running in spite of the disease -- and I envy your courage. I hope your doctor has some good, workable ideas for dealing with that sore ankle. It's impossible to ignore that pain, even when it's not "bad-bad," as you called it. When you can't take a step without feeling things twinge and poke, it's bad enough.

Good luck. I hope this month-long hiatus in training gives your joints the rest they need to rejuvinate. And hey, enjoy that chocolate and peanut butter, even if it's in small, special-moment bites. It's the little things that make life worth the work. :o)

ValleyWriter said...

It is so hard to force ourselves to rest sometimes, as I have quickly learned! But - sometimes you just have to do it. Hope your rheumy has some answers. Good luck!

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

You're amazing. In future I'm going to feel bad moaning about stiff muscles :-)

The Chapples said...

I'm glad you're giving yourself some rest. It's hard to listen to our bodies sometimes, but they really do know best!

jsmarslender said...

The relaxed December sounds like a good idea. And I hope that your doctor has some good ideas for your RA management too. Take care.

N.D. said...

glad it is relax month - me too.
Are you going to sign up for the cherry blossom one - 10 miler?

Angela and David Kidd said...

I can't imagine how frustrating dealing with your RA is. You have an amazing attitude about it. I'd be bitching like crazy if I were you.

And enjoy your time off. You can borrow my boot if you want motivation to take it easy.