Monday, December 28, 2009

RA and Pregnancy

A couple links to the OTIS study I was a part of. The first has information about pregnancy and a bunch of common RA drugs. Somehow I did not see this before becoming pregnant, even though it was a 2006 publication AND I knew about the OTIS study. The second link is to the preliminary results of the Enbrel and pregnancy study that I was a part of. Just in case anyone reading has RA and is in the market for a kid!


MW Photography said...

got excited about your post title.. I thought maybe there was another bun in that oven...LOL
I reada all of your posts, I am just a terrible friend who needs to call you !! XXOXO
I want to do new pics with Andra..

ValleyWriter said...

Thanks so much for this. Something we may be considering on the horizon... :-D