Thursday, March 12, 2009

Elusive 8

The 8 mile run I planned for Sunday, in the nice warm weather, ended up being a 5 mile run, 2 mile walk in the rain with a tight, sore Achilles and a serious need for a bathroom around mile 4. Oh well.

I'm running a 4 mile race Sunday. I want to PR, despite few long runs. I have been running, and doing probably more speedwork than usual, but definitely lacking in endurance. My only other 4 miler was an 8:21 pace that included some walking in the last mile due to a bad side stitch (because I went out way too fast for what I could handle). So the bar isn't that high and I might be able to do it. B goal is 8:30, C is...well, I don't want to set a C goal too high, so I'll say 8:59! I also plan to run the course again (much slower) with my friend who's doing the half with me. She hasn't been running long either. So assuming my Achilles holds up and everything else falls into place, I'll do 8.

The Achilles injury is from a partial tear while playing soccer 7 years ago. That combined with pointy heels that cause the tendon to rub constantly, and with a lack of stretching and (my theory) post-pregnancy hormone changes makes for a sore heel.

I do find it kind of ironic that with a chronic disease like RA, the thing that's holding me back (physically at least, let's not talk mentally) is an injury.

The WebMD series has started to be put up online. My segment isn't up yet but they are adding a few new ones every week. I will definitely post it when it's up, assuming I don't sound or look too dumb.

I can't believe I haven't posted any pictures of the Pickle lately. We have some great ones that are still on the camera but haven't made their way to the computer yet. Here's a cute one from like 3 weeks ago.


N.D. said...

I was trying to find you on the web MD. Were you the naked lady in the beginning? Haha, JK. that's great! Good luck with your race this weekend! I am nervous for a long run this weekend, more just setting up a time and sticking to it and figuring out how to work that around feeding. I think I will pump before and after. Nervous though!

X-Country2 said...

How cool that you're a WebMD star.

Good luck at your race.

jsmarslender said...

I was reading your last post too. I hear you on the deadlines getting nudged back. So glad to hear that work is going well, even better that Andra has her grandma to spend time with. She's so sweet! All that dark hair. Happy weekend!

WendyBird said...

I'm not surprised that your injury is a bigger problem than RA at the moment. With RA we get too good at ignoring pain, leading us to wait too long to react to injuries. Plus, the increased overall inflammation of RA makes things that would cause minor inflammation to turn into major inflammation, so old injuries bother us worse than they would someone without RA. Fun, huh