Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh yeah, MUSCLES.

Not going to stress out about not running "enough" these days.

I work out in some fashion just about every day. I just got a trainer for the bike this week so now I can do cardio at home for those days the gym or a run outside won't happen. (I would prefer a treadmill but this fit the budget a lot better.) And I really like lifting weights. A strong upper body matters to me more now than setting PRs this year, even though my ego wants to be able to say I got faster after pregnancy. I'll settle for being stronger.

Just trying to give myself permission to change my goals. I'm not abandoning all goals, just going for one that is more attainable. I'm just not finding time to do long runs, at least in this weather, with the BOB, and once I go back to work I think I just won't want to go out for 1.5-2 hours to run. I'll still run, just more for fun, or shorter distances (I still want to do speed work). And if I bike more or lift more than I run, I want to feel good about that and not lament the fact that I'm not running. Lifting makes me feel...strong.

Um, geez, this shouldn't surprise me. Consider the title of my blog!


N.D. said...

Lifting and strength is good! It is good you are looking at your goals and revising them! : )

aron said...

muscles are a good thing!!!

DC Running Mama said...

I am with you....less running, more well rounded strength training. We'll see if I can actually implement. I am kind of addicted to running. I have to tell you--my fastest race EVER was when I was lifting regularly, working out with a trainer, and not really running that much so it could actually IMPROVE your speed!

X-Country2 said...

Muscles are great for a million reasons. I think you have a great plan.