Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Cranky baby

Despite logging 9 hours (10:30pm-7:30am) of uninterrupted sleep last night, Andra's morning good mood only lasted an hour or so and then she got really cranky. Almost fell asleep a couple times but didn't. I was getting equally cranky...so off to the gym we went. She fell asleep, I got in a decent workout (back and biceps, then 2.5 miles at a 9:00 pace and some stretching), and she even slept long enough for me to go to the library for some books and Runner's Worlds, and to get a shower when I got home. Now she's cranky again, but I'm hoping more food does the trick.

Last night I gave her a pacifier after a marathon boob-chewing session. She had taken one before, then stopped, but last night it worked again. I'm trying limited use of it, although the pediatrician said not to worry til 6 months or so when they start forming habits and losing the need to suck so much. Still, when it works, it seems too good to be true.

Last Friday I had lunch with my "coach" Kathy, my former student's Ironmom who helped me with a training plan for my marathon last year. It's obviously running focused (leading up to a half at the end of June), and doesn't officially start til March, so I have 4 weeks to keep focusing on weights. My plan is to do both a few days, and then just one or the other once a week. But when I do both, weights come first! That is opposite what I usually do but will hopefully lead to better results. Then come March, everything changes.My mom comes for a month, I go back to work, and I have to take the running plan seriously. Kathy was not very sympathetic about how I am going to fit workouts in; she told me twice a week I will do them before school (because I don't have a 1st period class), and twice before I go home (guess I will have to figure out the pumping thing after all), and then weekends supposedly it will be easier because my husband is home. I need this kick in the butt, it's a little scary, but today showed me that I NEED to workout, to have that time that is just for me. So I will do it.


X-Country2 said...

Expert advice be damned, if a pacifier works for my future kid, I'll use it all day everyday. :o)

Good luck getting back to the training!

N.D. said...

It is super someone is helping you and making you feel accountable to fit it in! Even though I think you would anyway!! You are doing great.

DC Running Mama said...

I could not LIVE without pacifiers!!

Mnowac said...

Sorry about the cranky baby, that's awesome she will sleep so long though! Good luck with the running plan and returning to work, I'm sure you'll fit it in.

What kind of cloth diapers are you using? Are you only using them or do you use disposable too? Also, when you go back to work will you swtich? A lot of daycare centers won't mess with them. Last question - how are you handling them after the baby goes? Do you just take the whole diaper to the bathroom, throw away the liner, then take the diaper back to the nursery and throw in a closed hamper of some sort? Or do you have an extra trash can and throw the liners in away in the nursery? I'm just trying to figure out the logistics of it all, any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated! You can email me if you don't want to write all this out on a comment - mnowac@gmail.com