Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When will it all end?

Andra's been leaking snot for a few days now. The long weekend was nice and I thought she was improving. Or so I told myself, even after she spit up (vomited?) pretty much everything she must have eaten this morning. I dropped her at daycare this morning instead of Fred so I could talk to them and let them know to call me if she needed to be picked up. At 11:30 they called and said her breathing was worse. So I got her (the sub who was in for my maternity leave happened to be having lunch with us, and happened to have been subbing for a teacher who had the rest of the day free, so she nicely offered to take the lab I had and I didn't even have to officially report my absence as she was already getting paid for a full day). We went to the doctor, who proclaimed her the happiest sick baby she'd ever seen. (Fred decided they must make pediatricians take a class on the right things to say to parents to make them feel like they have the best baby ever. At least around here.) Which of course was part of the problem, when your baby is happy and sleeps 12 hours, how do you know if she's not feeling well? Anyway, she's got snot, but lungs and ears are fine. I decided to take tomorrow off just in case. Luckily it's not a big deal, but it FEELS like a big deal. I have to get over this. I am SO STRESSED OUT. I don't want a sick kid for starters of course (I think I'll be up all night making sure she doesn't suffocate on her own snot). I also didn't want to have to go buy a new $800 washing machine today after ours broke a few days ago (we debated getting it fixed, but at 12 years old and at least a $300 repair bill, it just didn't make sense). I didn't want to go to the laundromat tonight, but Andra created another vomit flood in her car seat on the ride home from the doctor's (it was sad, except that she was so DAMN HAPPY afterwards) and I had to wash the cover. I also don't want to have to go get my emissions test and go to the DMV before Friday when my registration expires - it WAS all taken care of but I lost the stupid sticker before I put it on my car. I also lost my beach sticker - first year I've ever bought one (I hate the beach, too hot and I burn) and it's all just so ANNOYING because every time I check something off my to do list, 2 more things go wrong and have to be added. And I have to tutor for 3 hours tomorrow, now I might have to cancel 2 of them or bring Andra if she's feeling well enough (how will I know?). And I am sick of tutoring, but after spending $800 on a washing machine I feel way too guilty for EVER turning down a chance to make $125 an hour (yeah, crazy huh?).

Summer can't come fast enough.


Mama Simmons said...

First of all, you hate the beach?!? Crazy girl. :)

And secondly, isn't it amazing how babies can totally puke and then just be all happy and smiley? Like it never happened and they don't have that puke taste in their mouths? Moana does that too.

N.D. said...

wow-first I need to up my rate! $75/hour!

I'm sorry about Andra. at least she's feeling happy!!

And I know what you mean about checking stuff off and losing stuff, etc. Hopefully it gets better, you are balancing alot!

ValleyWriter said...

Sometimes things do seem to pile up all on top of one another, don't they? I am frequently reminding myself that "this too shall pass."
Hang in there! I hope today is a better day!

jsmarslender said...

Summer will come, summer will come, summer will come.

And vomit floods may one day end and appliances may one day cooperate and to do lists may one day be all checked off. But until then, know that you're doing a great job. Cuddle Andra.

X-Country2 said...

Summer will be here before you know it. Hang in there and know you're doing the best you can. Get well soon, kid!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I hate those days when it just feels like you are doing nothing but thankless chores.

Hope Andra starts to feel better. I felt so helpless when Zach was sick. Sounds like she's not exhibiting any signs that have the doctors worried so that's great news.

And wow - $125 an hour. That's awesome.

Laura said...

I completely know the feeling of the never ending to do list (especially of things that you have to do over because you lost or forgot something)! I don't know how I would have survived without the bulb syringe...I must have sucked a gallon of snot out of Ian's nose in the past 8 1/2 months!