Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two BOB runs

In all the drama I felt yesterday I forgot to say - Sunday I ran 5.5 miles with the BOB and it was so awesome! Not sure where my motivation came from to push it even up the hills. I tried the same thing the next day and it was NOT as good, only made 3 miles before walking the last 2.5 (which was worse than running). Still, 2 days in a row of BOB running was a good thing. I'm off track this week but hope the weather will cooperate for a run or ride outside Thursday and Friday.

Andra is better today, still not 100% though. I ended up sleeping on the floor in her room last night after I couldn't fall asleep in my own. Her breathing was loud enough that I could hear it in our room, but every time I drifted off I thought her breathing had stopped so I woke myself up. Pokey, my cat, kept me company all night which was nice. Andra woke up only once, then as usual around 6. After I fed her, she slept in my arms on the couch til 10. Had a couple other cat naps, came with me to tutor and had to sit on my lap to learn some geometry and chemistry, she thought it was much more interesting than her squeaky monkey. Good girl!

In RA news (so I don't forget I have it!) my ankle still comes and goes...some days hurts to walk (though running is usually fine, weirdly), some like today it's completely normal, full range of motion. Go figure. And the WebMD people tell me my piece really is going to be up soon. I am super impatient about it and hoping they didn't just cut me out.


N.D. said...

Aww. You're too cute. I would probably have done the same thing and slept on the floor or Nick would have slept on top of me! It must have been a nice day, and she was good at tutoring. So nice! great job on those BOB runs, haven't had a blast on those yet!

X-Country2 said...

I'm anxious to have a kid and get one of those BOBs. Who needs an iPod with entertainment like that?

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

I've got the Baby Jogger out of the box ready for it's debut run. I just need to find the motivation to do it...:-)

Glad you like the BOB. I had a look into getting one, but you can't get them in Europe. Opted for the Baby Jogger. I'll keep you posted.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Glad Andra is feeling better. I slept on the couch when Zach was sick. I'm not sure what I was trying to accomplish doing that but it made me feel better.

Great job running with the Bob. It's amazing how much you notice hills when you are pushing that thing.

Anonymous said...