Monday, May 11, 2009

10k and first bike ride! And daycare

I ran a 10k Sunday. No way would I PR (I didn't), and I didn't even have any real time goal since I don't think I've run 6 miles more than twice since last September! Still, beating last year's 10 weeks pregnant time (55:52, 9:01 pace) would be nice.

I did 54:38, 8:48 pace. I tried just to run steady, and I think I did, despite messed up mile markers that had my first mile being 9:17, my second, uphill into the crazy wind that blew road grit into my eyes and mouth multiple times, mile being sub 8, and another sub 8 from 5-6. Clearly not the case. So I never really knew what my real pace was. Oh well, I expected 54:xx and that's what I ended up with! I pushed, but it was never super uncomfortable. I've done a race each of the past 3 weekends, and I needed a mental break. It was just nice to run "long!"

Fred and Andra were there at the finish. At some point he'll get the pictures off his fancy camera and I'll post them.

In bike news, last night I loaded up the bike into the car with the intention of riding after school for an hour. After Andra woke up just a bit too early (5:45 instead of the always hoped for 6:15), I thought I might bail and just come home and take a nap before picking her up from daycare. (Oh yeah, daycare...more below.) But I got a second wind, and even though I decided to start the ride from home instead of school, I did just over an hour and felt great! No idea yet how far as my computer was not functioning. (Update: 17 miles.) But it felt fast enough. And the route I took is so pretty, down to the Sound and past some really nice beaches and beach neighborhoods. My cell phone took decent pictures!

Daycare. Andra started at a small home daycare around the corner. She was supposed to go to a different one that I really liked, but it was contingent upon their getting their license expanded from 6 kids to 12, and that hasn't happened yet. So I scrambled a bit but found this one. It's great. We decided to keep her here long term. I wish the other had worked out, as I really did like it, but this one is closer, cheaper, more flexible in terms of hours, and though I don't like the house/set-up quite as much, the woman and her mom who run it are just fabulous. And Andra is having a blast. There's a 6 month old boy there (and 4 other toddlers), and when someone tickles him, Andra laughs. She just thinks he's the greatest. So I am actually finding it easier to get workouts in after school now than I was when my mom was here watching Andra. And, although I'm not quite ready to quit breastfeeding, I am ready to stop stressing out over trying to pump everything that she needs to eat every day. So she's getting 2 bottles of breastmilk and 1 bottle of formula most days (some days I do have 3 milks), and slowly I'm feeling really good about that. Before I was rushing to get home by 2:30 so I could feed her so she wouldn't need the 3rd bottle, but really that just wasn't working. I'm working towards a summer schedule of 6am nurse, 9am bottle, 12pm nurse, 3pm bottle, nurse the rest of the day. And pumping as long as I want to and giving formula when I've had enough. I am pretty impressed I made it this far, and Andra seems to prefer bottles anyway except first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Long post.


Natalie D said...

the bike route looks so pretty! it sounds like the daycare is a good fit! I feel the same way about bf'ing- you've done great!!!sounds like a great summer schedule :)

jsmarslender said...

Biking sounds good. I think I'll be doing a bit of that this summer. Love the water you get to bike by. And I hear you about breastfeeding too. When I first started back, I stressed about pumping enough but quickly realized that Claire would be having formula too. I think that's fine. Frees us up a bit too. Good running. Three races in three weekends - that's great!

Angela and David Kidd said...

That bike route looks great - much nicer than the highways I see on my ride.

So glad you've found daycare that works.

And I'm ready to give up on the breastfeeding. I'm only giving it to Zach in a bottle now since the little booger has taken to biting me.