Monday, April 14, 2008

"Who with rheumatoid arthritis DOES this?"

So I had to go to the rheumatologist today, just touch base and stuff. He still tries to tell me swimming is better than running, but I think maybe he believes me that I just feel BETTER when I run. I truly think the impact (which builds bones, especially, in a way swimming and even cycling can't) is good for my ankle, and I think weight lifting is good for my wrists. If it didn't feel right, like the best thing to do, I probably wouldn't do it, I would switch to swimming. But it feels right and I trust myself to know what I need (I trust him too, he's a good doctor, about things other than how I feel).

He asked how fast I was planning to run Nashville, and what average times were for runners. I told him, qualifying that breaking 4 hours is respectable but definitely not fast. Still, his response: "Who with rheumatoid arthritis DOES this?" Hey, use it or lose it. It's not really a choice. And like I told him, I may not be totally healthy, but I'm definitely NOT SICK. So why wouldn't I do this? It's like I told Dan at the gym after he told me my body fat percentage, and said it was average: I like to be above average in everything I do (or, actually, in the body fat case, below average, but same idea).

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