Sunday, April 06, 2008

Last long run...check.

Did 20. No big deal. Not exactly fun, or fast, but DONE. Uneventful, and at this point that's just fine with me.

Passed a heavier guy out walking, fast, and I was thinking I was proud of him. Of anyone who sets a goal and works toward it. Fast or slow is irrelevant, dedicated is what wins. I sort of want to be less hard on myself. But I guess we're all harder on ourselves than we are on others. Stupid. But I did decide that I should do more triathlons. My big reason for not doing them is...surprise...the swim. Most people who don't do tris don't do it because of the swim. I shouldn't care how slow I am, or that I would be most comfortable (and least likely to drown) starting way at the back (and, so, finishing way at the back). I've signed up for one sprint in July, but am considering another plus an olympic (oh, yeah, and that Ironman some day in the future. Forgot about that one.).

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Tambo said...

A SPRINT IN JULY>> WHATEVER>? You will be knocked up by then..LOL> Don't be daft... Run your marathon..then don't worry about these competitions until after you are pushing a baby out of your vagina.. LOL