Sunday, April 20, 2008


Ok, I'm writing this post knowing I can't actually post it for a little bit. Why? Well, yesterday (Saturday) I bit the bullet and bought a pregnancy test. All week I was kinda thinking maybe...I had an awesome run Tuesday, but Thursday felt like a truck had hit me. Again Saturday. I tried to chalk it up to the taper, thinking somehow the decreased mileage led to decreased energy, but that didn't explain a few other symptoms, so...I bought the test. Thanks to Melissa getting on my case (just kidding!) I peed on it Saturday, coincidentally right as Jen called to see if Fred and I wanted to go out to dinner with her and Matt (she will love knowing that when I tell her). I waited til I hung up to look, and, well, a definite plus. I sent Melissa a picture of it.

So I need to wait to tell anyone, including Fred (Melissa aside). I need to process. And umm, I have a marathon to run in 6 days! Now, I understand that maybe my under four hour goal isn't going to happen, and I'm fairly ok with that. But it might, and if the weather's not too hot and I feel good (ran today and didn't feel tired, so who knows), I won't NOT try. I'll just do what feels right, and stay open to the fact that I may mid-race decide I have to slow down (or stop). I trust myself. And it's already been established that my mind is MUCH weaker than my body so there's no chance of pushing myself too hard. But I don't want other people commenting on my choice. You know what? I'm 99% sure that the actual (I'm not being graphic here, promise) ovulation/fertilization took place the day I ran the 30k race on March 30. So this kid knows racing already.

So...this post will wait, though given that only about 7 people know about this blog (and I think only 2 read it), posting it here is still keeping it pretty secret. The real telling won't happen for a little longer. But if all goes well, this will be a Christmas baby. (Poor kid...I sense a lifetime of feeling very neglected on birthdays.)

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