Saturday, August 06, 2011

Not in CT anymore

We're in Michigan. I got a pedicure today. It was nice. The girl doing it also works at the bait shop. We spent some time talking about worms and leeches. I feel so far away from my regular life.


Wren said...

Vacation? If so, worms and leeches are a fine subject! Maybe tomorrow you. can take some long walks or...go fishing. Hope you're feeling well, Claire...Hugs for you.

Natalia said...

Hi Clare,

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Just wanted to drop you a quick note because we recently launched a new video platform called and are in the process of building a RA Channel featuring the advice, information and wisdom of Health Activists like yourself. I think you would be an excellent addition to the channel and I would love to chat with you about possibly creating a video with us!

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I know this note it a little out of the blue and I understand if it’s not something you would be interested in, but I didn’t want you to miss out on the opportunity.


Community Coordinator
WEGO Health