Thursday, August 25, 2011

Of course...why make it easy?

Neck is flaring, really stiff with a lovely headache...ankle has been sore, achy all day. Took extra prednisone, contemplating half a Vicodin. I want to run this 5k tomorrow evening!

Ran Monday, walked Tuesday, ran was off.

On another note, instead of going to the TRX class I like on Thursdays, I went by myself to see the movie "The Help." I read the book last year and it was great...the movie, dare I say it, was just as good? That never happens...but maybe I've forgotten enough of the book to not be so nit-picky. The actors were amazing...don't think I recognized a single one, which helped. Haven't cried so much at a movie in years. Go see it.

ETA: Oops. This one was my fault. When I went to take my medications this morning, I realized I hadn't taken them yesterday. Guess that Voltaren really works! But, so did the Viocdin and prednisone, so I should be ok to run tonight.


Nitsirk said...

Hope the 5K goes well. I want to see "The Help" but I haven't read the book yet. I haven't ever gone to the movies by myself but I think some days it might be a great idea. Glad you are feeling better. Andra is looking so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Clarey! Good luck today! Glad it was just a mixup with the meds.