Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ups and Downs

Not much to report on. Swimming has been ok. We did a 500 yard "time trial" (can I call it that in swimming?) and, not unexpectedly, I was the slowest one in the Wednesday group. 11:34. It's really hard to push for me when swimming, that whole breathing thing mentally freaks me out. If I am breathing too hard, but only get to breathe when there's a chance I might get a mouthful of water instead of air, I am reluctant to go so fast that I can't survive if I miss a breath. Eh...I guess all that matters is if I improve that time, and we'll be retested in a month and then at the end of the program. You swimmers, can you give me any indication of what 11:34 MEANS for a 500? Like, for me, if I went all out I could, at least when I could run at all, have probably run a 6:40 mile or so. A more comfortable mile pace might have been closer to 8:00 if there was a reason to run fast, or a sustainable pace more around 9:00. Clearly 11:34 is not fast...but does it put me in the ranks of the 12:00 milers, the 10:00 milers, the 15:00 walkers?? It's weird having no reference point.

Get orthotics Wednesday. Don't want to say anything else, don't want to think about it. Either they'll work, or they won't.

In order to help in the not thinking about it, I've made a big decision. Although we won't officially commit til next week, Fred and I are going to sign up for the California Coast Classic, a 585 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles that raises money for the Arthritis Foundation. RA has, temporarily I hope, taken away my ability to run. On the other hand, it sparked my running in the first place. But, still, it's taken it away. And I am pissed. But rather than dwell on that, I will ride. And swim (which, incidentally, hurts my ankle), but this summer I will ride. A LOT. I will be a cyclist.

And I will prove something to myself, again.

On a happier note, Andra is the BEST. I went out to lunch with two friends today, and she was incredibly cute and well-behaved (minus a few things dropped on the floor). My kid's got a great sense of humor and, except when she is teething, is so much FUN to be around. And later on today I went to this clothing swap a big group of working moms from the YWCA had, and even though I only brought a few things to swap, I left with TONS of clothes for the next 2 years plus a couple toys. Since I went right at the end, and everything left over was to be donated to charity, I didn't feel bad scooping up everything I did. Good clothes, great price.


Mama Simmons said...

Tough to compare swimming to running like that, although I think I know what you're getting it. The faster masters swimmers are probably doing something like 6:15-6:30 for a 500... So I *suppose* if you wanted to compare you could compare your 500 to your mile run time? I've never really thought of it that way but it could make sense. :) I consider myself to be a swimmer rather than a runner, and my 500yd swim time is probably right about the same as the fastest mile I could run. That said, it sounds like you're doing great for just getting started! I am 100% sure that if you swim regularly over the next month that next time you test that 500 it'll be a good bit faster. Keep it up! And your summer cycling goal sounds awesome! :)

N.D. said...

I never thought about it that way either, but now thinking about it, same with my 500, in high school I could pull off 6:00 but now maybe 7? It's a benchmark and you can go from there. You just started and you are doing great! That clothing swap sounds fantastic!

jessica said...

That cylcing classic sounds like a lot of fun.
I have no idea whatsoever how swim times stack up, maybe that's why I like it. Sorry to hear the swimming is bothering your ankle -- is there a way around that? Like maybe using a pull buoy for more sets to stabilize your legs and keep working the upper body?

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Your trip sounds fantastic. We were booked in a cycling holiday in Cuba in 2008, but the I ended up preggers and was passed my "flying dates" on the return trip. Maybe one day...

I bought a child seat for my bike at the weekend, so hope to get out with Cairn over the next couple of weeks.

Swimming and Cycling is just as good as running - probably more fun - so chin up :-)

DC Running Mama said...

I've had periods in the past 10 years when I have been able to run for 6mo+ and wondered if I would ever run again. The best therapy for these times is to focus on something new, so the bike ride sounds great! Humans are pretty resilient. That which you think you can't live without will slowly be replaced and life will go on...because it has to.