Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lots of random thoughts

Went up from 1600yds last week to 2150 last night. Big jump for me. Actually, 1600 wasn't too tough with the breaks I take, and I went to the pool twice on my own last week too. 2150 on my own will be hard, but I plan to go tomorrow afternoon and then again Monday or Sunday.

I got fitted for orthotics and they should be in in 2 weeks. The podiatrist said he fits about 5 people a day, 1-2 of whom have RA, but only 1-2 a YEAR are for the talo-navicular joint. He said it should help. I hope so because it ain't pretty right now. No running, walking with a limp most of the time. Lifted today and spin once a week now plus swimming so it's fine but I will be happy if I can get back to running, even if all I ever do again is a 5k I will take it. I know I will...I've been through this with the wrists EXACTLY. They were bad at first, and now for the last 2 years maybe they are FINE even with the structural damage. So it might be a little while, but eventually the ankle won't hurt anymore. And probably I'll go through this with the other ankle at some point. Weird that it's not now as RA is usually bilateral. But, not complaining.

Andra decided this week to start feeding herself. With her fingers AND with a fork. Ok, there's usually no food on the fork, but she gets it to her mouth just fine! Plus, she bit a kid at day care. We think the other kid stuck his finger in her mouth, so it wasn't exactly intentional, and apparently after he screamed, she screamed louder and longer. So, I think she was sorry and won't do it again!

My friend from school who's adopting a little girl from Haiti is on pins and needles. She got a picture of Aliette (10 months) exactly one week before the quake, expecting the process to take 1-2 years. Now, she could arrive on a cargo plane at any time. Last she heard the kids from her orphanage were waiting at the US embassy at 4am this morning to leave. They could fly in any time, to anywhere in the US. She is waiting for a phone call telling her something like, "Be in Kansas City at 5pm." I gave her my old car seat and our school resource officer (aka cop) pulled some strings to get it installed correctly today. I brought her some bottles and some warm clothes, pjs, a couple little toys...seriously, she did not exepct to become an instant mom to a baby! She is psyched but overwhelmed, and of course she has no idea what shape Aliette is in. Dehydrated, dirty, sick, etc. And not knowing and imagining what she's going through has to be awful. I just hope she gets out today and my friend can just get her in her arms. This is her second adoption (first from China) and wow, I'm glad I could get my kid the old fashioned way...the stress and emotional toll of adoption is not for the weak-hearted!


MW Photography said...

I cannot wait to meet the baby!! DO you want me to go through all the clothes I have and bring some stuff on Sunday?
I HAVE SO MUCH that I could give!! I have a crib mattress... I have a ton of stuff
you tell me

N.D. said...

That is so scary about the adoption I can't imagine what your friend is going through. Yay for the yardage, you are doing GREAT swimming! Great job Andra on the eating:)

jessica said...

wow, that's intense about the adoption, but how very wonderful that they're expediting it.

Glad you're having a good time swimming :)

Angela and David Kidd said...

That's great news about your friends adoption - but yes, it must be so overwhelming.

I hope the orthotics help. Great job stepping up the swimming while you can't run.

Nitsirk said...

That is amazing about your friend. Most of us have 9+ months to get ready! I hope everything works out for her. Good luck with the orthotics you are keeping a really good attitude which is awesome. Keep it up!

DC Running Mama said...

Impressive swimming...makes me cringe:> I hope the orthodics help. How exciting/scary for your friend. I actually have been thinking a lot about the kids in Haiti and adoption...I guess I worry with some of the kids that are being adopted now that maybe they do have a family and just haven't been found yet. I guess it's a different scenario with your friend.

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Good luck to your friend. I would really love to foster/adopt next time. I love have my own flesh 'n' blood as a child, but there are so many children in the world in need of a good home.

X-Country2 said...

Very best wishes to your friend. What a crazy and exciting time.