Friday, August 07, 2009

Wiped out

Sore throat since Wednesday, turning into a full fledged cold as I type. Swam half a mile Wednesday after taking Pickle into the little pool. (She has the cutest little frog kick and I wonder if I let go if she could actually swim. I am not about to find out though...although I have let go a few times when she's floating on her back, for like a second.)

Thursday I bailed on a ride with Eric as I was wiped out. Today an old acquaintance I was going to ride with bailed on me, which was fine as I still feel exhausted. Although Jessica and I walked for an hour today.

I don't like being sick. Makes me cranky and not enjoy things. And Andra decided she didn't need a nap today, after taking one 3 hour one yesterday. She was happy as a clam (and did have two quick car naps, just nothing real) so maybe she was right. But I like it better when she naps!

Also...I keep forgetting to put the minor RA things in here...the ball of my right foot has been hurting, maybe RA and maybe not, not sure. I need to have the clips on my bike shoes adjusted so riding is more comfortable. Hopefully I'll remember to get that done soon.


The Chapples said...

Feel better!!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Hope you feel better. I've certainly been there and know it sucks.

DC Running Mama said...

The only thing worse that being sick is having a baby to take care of when you are sick!!

X-Country2 said...

Get well soon!

jsmarslender said...

I hope you're feeling better soon!