Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Weights are fun

My internal conversation about what I really want to be doing workout-wise continues. I should have run 8 miles this weekend, as I am supposed to be doing the 9 mile "race" this Saturday. I did not run. We were away in the Adirondacks, which was part of the problem. But when we got there, we spent a few extra minutes (to extend Andra's nap) driving an out-and-back course. Even planned where I could get water. was really hilly. Like, mountainous. And I kind of knew I just wasn't going to do it. Instead, I worked out in the fitness center and lifted heavy weights for 2 days (and ran one treadmill mile, I felt guilty). It was really fun and good. I have been really missing (mentally and physically) the boot camp and core classes I used to take religiously. Boot camp has just been hit or miss this summer between vacations and "races" which fall on the same day. I haven't been so good about lifting, and if I do, it's usually just upper body (which I'm happy with by the way, but my lower body is what needs the work). I miss the plyometrics, the lunges, the hurdles...things that aren't fun alone. Doing those things make me feel fit. Running, I guess right now doesn't. I don't want to abandon the half marathon this fall (and I REALLY don't want to abandon my friend who is doing these "races" with me, as this is her first half attempt and she's really excited about it), but I also just am not excited. I think I will try to keep up with the distances so it's an option, but focus on doing what is FUN. Which, right now, sounds like lifting, bike riding, and possibly even speedwork on the treadmill. Long runs, not so much.

(I think I've posted this exact same thing a while ago, but whatever, blogs are just kind of random trains of thought. It's nice to look back and realize I've felt this before!)

So the past few days in the Adirondacks we were basically at a church retreat as near as I can figure. My husband and his parents are Quaker (though Fred has been to "meeting" exactly twice since I've known him) and every year there's this thing where a bunch of Quakers get together and hang out. I'm not exactly a religious person myself (I went to church once, when I mistakenly slept over at a friend's house in 3rd grade on a Saturday night). And truthfully, there was nothing religious about this week unless you sought it out. So it was just a bunch of people at this kind of neat YMCA camp on Lake George, and everyone was super friendly and nice...and, kind of weird. In a crunchy, hippie, just plain odd way. But because everyone was very friendly, lots of people talked to Andra. She ate it up of course, just had the best time meeting new people. I spent too much time watching for people's reactions to her hemangioma. It was about 50/50 if adults asked about it, and about 100% if kids did (generally in the form of, "Why does that baby have a bump on her head?"). And while I assume the adults were staring at her because she's unbelievably cute and engaging, the kids were staring because she has a big bump on her head. So yeah, right now, who cares, but in a few years...argh.


jsmarslender said...

Glad Andra enjoyed all the attention! I love watching Claire react to people. Sometimes she has the most honest expressions.

I haven't lifted weights in ages and sometimes miss that. Good job in that department!

DC Running Mama said...

Our neighbors are Quaker. I'm not sure what assumptions I had about Quakers before we knew our neighbors, but your characterization as "crunchy, granola, different" pretty much describes the Quakers I know. I guess I assumed they'd be more fundamentalist and less progressive, but what did I know. As for running/weights, gotta go with how you feel. I did a hill workout in WV and it killed my legs for a week, so you might be happy that you didn't do the hill workout!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Love Lake George and the Adirondacks. That's where we want to retire one day. Very jealous of your trip there.

I really need to lift. I keep telling myself carrying around a 25 pound baby is enough weight lifting but I think I am fooling myself.

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

You miss lunges? Really?

I'm back to work next week :-( and I usually go to the gym on my lunch break. Now sure I'll be doing any weights though. I always seem to put it off in case it hurts :-)

I've got know idea what Quaker is (apart from the fact that it's a brand of oats in the UK) but it sounds like fun.